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Bobby Lee: DRUNK IRISH TALKINGLike Me: Follow Me: Subscribe: Bobby Lee and Neal Brennan Talking Starring: Bobby Lee Neal Brennan Crew Written by: Bobby Lee Director: Bobby Lee Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer Producer: Patrick Pope Production Coordinator: George Kimmel IV DP: Jon Na Camera Operator: Sam Haskell Gaffer/Camera: Arthur Hong AD: Chris Miller PA/DIT: Tremain Hayhoe Sound: Mayra

50 comments on “Bobby Lee: DRUNK IRISH TALKING

  1. theladysilverwings on

    Bobby lee could you please talk about one direction?´╗┐ ­čÖé it will be funny

  2. alanm008 on

    maybe i should change my user name to TheRealGodzillaboy5 which would make me less anonymous than using my real name as my user name? come at me´╗┐ bro! also, dont forget to upvote me

  3. NaM3L3Ss69 on

    i freking love this show haha. “hey my name is bobby lee and welcome to´╗┐ talking. whats up?”
    *dances like a boss*

  4. 27rjmac on

    Bobby ur to much bro i woke up my gf laughing dude ur funny, and im irish´╗┐ with alot of anger and u make me laugh

  5. billytamer on

    Dave always mentioned someone named Neal…. SO THIS IS HIM?! cool. and he has some big ass´╗┐ fucking ears too

  6. blinko656 on

    Why does the white´╗┐ guy say the F word so much. Anybody can swear a true artist has material..

  7. cpropst64 on

    Super stoked you’re doin´╗┐ these videos Bobby.You’re the funniest fat (enter ANY celebrity Asian here) around.

  8. AntiProtonBoy on

    Can we please have another episode of the “Emperor of the Word”?
    Oh and some Kim Jong-un parodies would´╗┐ be hilarious.

  9. Koog1e on

    Bobby lee no no no no no no :))

    Hilarious show and also interesting guests… more of these they are´╗┐ brilliant!!!

  10. luigiover9000 on

    No no no no no no noNo no no no no no noNo no no no no no noNo no no no no no no´╗┐ lol

  11. JonRice78 on

    Bobby Lee has the world record´╗┐ for most porn watched in an hour. Which means he came 12 times.

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