Bobby Lee: DRUNK IRISH TALKING (with Neal Brennan)


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Bobby Lee: DRUNK IRISH TALKING (with Neal Brennan)Like Me: Follow Me: Subscribe: Bobby Lee and Neal Brennan Talking Starring: Bobby Lee Neal Brennan Crew Written by: Bobby Lee Director: Bobby Lee Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer Producer: Patrick Pope Production Coordinator: George Kimmel IV DP: Jon Na Camera Operator: Sam Haskell Gaffer/Camera: Arthur Hong AD: Chris Miller PA/DIT: Tremain Hayhoe Sound: Mayra

49 comments on “Bobby Lee: DRUNK IRISH TALKING (with Neal Brennan)

  1. halomerc5423 on

    Actually in response to them saying comedians are the only ones to wake up in the morning not feeling like they can do their job…..false…….soldiers….a lot of them wake up thinking they can’t do their job cause well I mean it’s not really easy to kill someone

  2. BiggieSwag22 on

    What movie did he say brenan directed? Only movie i saw ken jeong and bobby lee in together was pineapple express, but bobby didn’t even have lines and ken had like 2. Would love to see them spaz out together in somethin, like put bobby in community wit chang.

  3. hadidcares on

    bobby have you ever heard of a youtuber ” yadameem ” he could so be your double or play you in a movie about your life if you ever are on the 10 o clock news for something like martin did in l.a running around in the heat with a running suit.

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