Bill O’Reilly blows up at Alan Colmes – “You are lying,” “This is Bull-blank”


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Bill O'Reilly blows up at Alan Colmes - Bill O’Reilly brought on Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley to talk about President Obama’s seeming reticence to offer any meaningful spending cuts, but most of …

21 comments on “Bill O’Reilly blows up at Alan Colmes – “You are lying,” “This is Bull-blank”

  1. TKDMike58 on

    na…..though I did like it when he said he could smell satan at the podioum after he followed BUSH at the U.N. meeting… that was funny. REMEMBER – JESUS HATES THE PUSSY GOP

  2. intheendloveislife on

    yet why is it that you never site the fact that each time guns are outlawed, confiscated, over-regulated, you leave the population defenseless & mortalities rise. Democide or genocide for example – (sure in a democratic land such as america may be irrational NOW but what in the event of civil unrest?.what is an economic collapse? what if north korea sends a nuclear bomb this way w/ invasion forces?) how do we defend ourselves? Liberalism is a product of the American spoilation of a generation.

  3. intheendloveislife on

    a pure political move to make Rep’s look bad; he has lost all my confidence as a leader. I thought maybe the way he holds himself out as a strong & confident, etc. he might be a strong leader & ppl are falling for it. I know personally what leaders are made of. Deceit is not in those cards. Straight up lying definitely not. His book could have been written by Karl Marx his views are so radical. those idiots who say Karl Marx had good ideas just read your history books b/c history is not opinion

  4. intheendloveislife on

    liberals. They fall prey to the utopian ideologies which are contradictory to reality. One liberal woman on the recent debate whether “women can be trusted w/ guns in judging threat of rape” stated that there is no such thing as good/evil in the world rather men can learn through parenting not to rape women. OH MY IGNORNANCE!! Ppl of all classes, wealth, upbringing, etc. commit crime, rape included -This is the flaw in the liberal ideology. Utopia’s don’t exist. Socialism SOUNDS great – “Yeah!

  5. joesphx19 on

    I thought you would be in mourning with the death of Chavez, very brave to crawl out to give us the gift of your insight.

  6. intheendloveislife on

    to support this president. Gave him a shot. gave him benefit of the doubt w/ all his “do good” rhetoric. Going to reach across the aisle & all that. Just b/c you put chuck hagel (R) in your administration doesn’t mean you are doing so. He has the most radical ideologies i’ve ever heard of for a sec. of defense. Scary how ignorant he is of the position & foreign policy. He was going to cut the size of gonv’t. LIED AGAIN. Now w/ the VOLUNTEER white house tour staff off due to sequestration cuts –

  7. intheendloveislife on

    Same old liberal bullshit. Proclaiming generalities as proposals which is all this President does is not governing. When a President stands up and says “We need to cut spending,” w/o forthright proposals, its just policy wonk. I can stand up as President & say “We need to make peace on earth” as well & of course liberals would support the notion but are ignorant to the underlying discrepancies. Proclaiming want to heal the nation is not the same as healing the nation. That’s what is wrong with

  8. intheendloveislife on

    Were all going to be wealthy & billionaires will have to share their earnings with me & the poor, & there will be no homeless people, etc. Everyone will be taken care of. Etc. Look @ history liberals. LOOK AT IT. READ IT. It fails nations. It brings overall wealth crashing down like a meteor. I’ll take the consequence of the rich having yachts & mercedes while I drive a honda rather than we all drive used ford pintos. Let’s take guns i.e. – you think you can impose a safe america through reg’s,

  9. TKDMike58 on

    He was a crook and DIED early (58 yr old). You cant be evil and have that NOT effect your health…thats why its hard to understand why Cheney is not dead…he is the SON OF SATAN – he should of tipped over years ago…..

  10. joesphx19 on

    I do think it is a little more than ironic that ole wiley Chavez is said to have embezzel more than 2 billion usd, an amount that is greater than the Bushes net worth.

  11. joesphx19 on

    I thought you would be in mourning with the death of Chavez, very brave to crawl out to give us the gift of your insight.

  12. joesphx19 on

    I thought you would be in mourning with the death of Chavez, very brave to crawl out to give us the gift of your insight.

  13. melpr1 on

    Bill O’Reilly is a joke the president has put forth a detailed plan you could even find it online

  14. Daniel Klingelsmith on

    Respectfully Mr. Colmes you and all of your lock-step media Obots are tools……and ALL tools have expiration dates on them.

  15. TKDMike58 on

    Bill-O  – the OLD FAT WHITE DOUCHEBAG, perfect republican. I wonder where he stores his HOOD?

  16. intheendloveislife on

    Those who grew up with everything handed to them. Or even if not – still lived in the box of unreality w/ head in the sand, riding waves, riding skateboards, ignorant of history, policy, culture, & of a world view. The spoilation of individuals leaves them ignorant of world realities. Utopia’s are not real. You can think by nationalizing health care it will improve but you forget govn’t operating as a business has a success rate of SHIT! Govn’t as a business leave 17 tril debt. Get real. I tried

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