Bill Maher & Panel Talk LEGALIZING Marijuana. March 1 2013


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Bill Maher & Panel Talk LEGALIZING Marijuana. March 1 2013Bill Maher & Panel Talk LEGALIZING Marijuana. March 1 2013 Bill Maher & Panel Talk LEGALIZING Marijuana. March 1 2013 Bill Maher & Panel Talk LEGALIZING Mari…

49 comments on “Bill Maher & Panel Talk LEGALIZING Marijuana. March 1 2013

  1. 2liveis2fly on

    I had a look at your youtube bio page, WTF, anyone you disagree with or don’t like “is a rat faced kike” not a very creative nazi dick-licker are ya? Oh, and by the way peckerwood hillbilly, bree is a chicks name, everybody knows that. You really need to leave your mothers basement once in awhile, get out more often.

  2. Nesembria on

    smoking dope during work……dude…that´s a waste of weed!
    while consuming marihuana I “highly” recommend a quiete, stress free location and an object to lay your feet on
    If someone really wants to do drugs during work…I recommend speed! That will keep you nervous and edgy all day long.

  3. tristramshandy3 on

    They (this supposed group of sane republicans) are not only small, they are silent. I pay close attention to right wing rhetoric, and I almost never hear voices of reason.

  4. mchlthall on

    curious, are you a smoker? smoking doesn’t effect your motor skills as much as they say. unless your smoking some fire.

  5. mykewithayyesay on

    lololol hahahahahah ok well snoop dog is making a shizzle load more than you are buddy and he smokes weed and writes songs ? is he included in all the people who smoke weed and cant do anything if people can buy weed legaly they will be happy to go to work then come home to know they have a fat blunt to smoke. have u ever met someone who has smoked weed b4? and people drink yet they still work yet that also causes car crashes rapes and violence ifu dont like weed dont do it . lol some people

  6. Jonas Butler on

    I would be proud and gratified to pay tax on legal cannabis. Maybe I wouldn’t get so paranoid when I smoke if I knew I was doing something legal that benefits the economy.

  7. TheIrishspaniard83 on

    If you made weed legal it wouldn’t matter. You still wouldn’t be able to smoke at work, unless you had a shitty job like landscaping. You would still have to pass a urine screen to get a decent job, just like you can’t drink on the job. I don’t want some asshole taking bong rips in his car during lunch break and then jump on a fucking bulldozer made of steel that weights a couple tons around me.

  8. oldfriendofmine on

    I like what I hear from Steve Schmidt. Bill asked him about how Republicans could use the drug war for political gain, and he answered instead about the actual injustices it imposes on people and their communities. That is the kind of dialogue we need in government.

  9. TheIrishspaniard83 on

    I used to smoke all the time. The first time I got stoned was when I was 8 years old. Me and 2 of my buddies got dropped of at the local movie theater/arcade. We bought a quarter ounce (back in the mid 90’s when a gram cost 5 dollars). We rolled the whole thing up in telephone book paper in the woods and got fucked up. I smoked on and off since then, but as you get older you realize that being able to pay you’re bills is more important than getting stoned every 5 minutes.

  10. KayD1010 on

    Thanks!!! I actually know a few of the sane ones and recall that the party actually was pretty sane when I was a kid AND there were even liberal Republicans — one of whom was Mitt Romney’s dad!

    The wackos were the Dixiecrats who were still fighting the civil war.

  11. Adam B. on

    I have to disagree with you on MJ isn’t hamful because smoking anything is not natural, that’s why the 1st thing anybody does after they inhale is cough if it’s smoke from a fire,MJ,cigarettes,etc. our lung’s are mean’t for clean air only,& it does screw with the brain in the long term & over use,which there are many study’s on it . Tobacco is a nasty drug & yes there’s nothing good about it .I live in CT & the price for a pack is about $8.50 & i hope it keep’s going up & up

  12. rumandcoke21 on

    what the fuck is snoop dogg doing on this?? seriously? he doesn’t know shit. yeah he smokes alot of weed but i would bet good money he didn’t have a clue what any of these guys were talking about. the stupid dog lion tosser

  13. Adam B. on

    I don’t hate the “gov” ,I hate the corporation’s that payed & elected all there own tool’s in to run the show,I personally have’nt have healthcare since 1996ish i can’t afford it,I’m a die-hard for single payer healthcare.If only our education system had the buget of the miliary,law enforcement,correction’s, then we as a country would be smart enough not to need the miliary,law enforcement,correction’s,etc. . I’ve been to many European countries & I’m so jealous .

  14. Adam B. on

    Yes we do agree on alot,but we’re on different point’s of view when to come’s to MJ having no negative effect’s on the human mind & body. I think it’s not a daily talking point just like fast food,soda,processed food isn’t really a daily talking point & we all know none of that shit is healthy for us. I remember listing to loveline with Dr. Drew for year’s & may people would call in & say that MJ isn’t bad for you, & he would disagree with medical science backing him . Are you a Nader voter ?

  15. HugoBossUnzipped on

    While I agree with your basic idea. It falls apart when you try to find any serious study that shows MJ is harmful. They’ve been doing studies on it since the 50’s, got really serious about it in the 70’s (it was recommended during Nixon’s term that it be legalized and again during rayguns term).
    Do you not think if they had one valid study showing it did harm, that it wouldn’t be trotted out as evidence everyday? Meanwhile tobacco kills, and they let them put additives into which kills more.

  16. Deborah Iwo on

    Otherwise, what Snoop Dogg has managed to create is good. And kudos to the GOP strategist sensible enough to reiterate the FAILED war on drugs.

  17. mykewithayyesay on

    like it it just comes down to personal choice and if you slept all day thats you! thats like saying well i drank last night and beat my wife we cant have anyone drinking alchahole or everyone will beat their wives ur case is invalid and u really dont understand all the difering circumstances surrounding this whole argument i bet u think the reason why weed is illegal is because its bad for u? i bet you dont know the first laws were to force u to grow … they would put u in prison if you didint

  18. Jovenbernardt69 on

    I’ve been smoking weed since 1998. It never made me sick. It made me eat a lot including veggies which I really disliked when I was a kid.

  19. HugoBossUnzipped on

    I see we agree on much. There are no studies anywhere that say MJ is damaging. If even one credible study existed, it would be the daily talking point coming from faux noise, police and every conservative in the country. The reason we don’t hear about it, is it doesn’t exist and they know that every time they’ve trotted one out, it’s been proved to be an invalid study. Every study since the late 60’s has recommended legalizing it.

  20. TheIrishspaniard83 on

    The point I’m making is that it doesn’t matter. If you don’t smoke at work, but still have positive piss and hurt someone on the job, you will be tested. When you test positive you will be terminated, and the person who was hurt has reason to sue you in court. As a 29 year old man, I got over the weed bullshit a long time ago. If you have children, what kind of example are you setting for them? We all have to grow up sometime.

  21. sdee625ify on

    When ya stoned ya sleep all day. Should the gubment pay u to sleep all day. I don’t think so

    The gubment needs taxes. It gotta pay pensions, build schools, build super highways, environment, military etc etc. Try getting up and going to work in the morning. Not possible.

    If millions of people were smoking shit nothing will get done. The gubment will have to hire illegal immigrants cuz they work harder.

    When I smoked weed I slept all day. It got boring.

  22. mykewithayyesay on

    and due to the job crisis in america people NEED jobs their aint a lack due to people smoking give people a job they will work ive smoked 3 years till like 3 am then got up the next day just fine ur comment deserves 4 replies because its so bizzarely misguided i skate down hills backwards on one foot on my skates while blazed as …thats not sleeping all day i worked 5 years at subway smoking … how could i have a job that long u mistake weed for heroin my friend please read dont misguide ppl

  23. Adam B. on

    I don’t personally use any drug’s,but I don’t believe in fighting a war your never going to win so I’m for legalizing it & every other drug know to man, but there are plenty of reason’s why it must be taxed, we all know smoking anything isn’t healthy for the human body so in the long term a smoker’s medical expenses are going to cost more than a non-smoker,it need’s to be policed,grown,inspected,regulated,etc. & we all know none of that is free .

  24. HugoBossUnzipped on

    The issue I have with your health care point is the “gov” who is supposed to be looking out for us, doesn’t take the taxes from tobacco and put them in health care for you and me, it spends it on weapons, leaving America with the best and shiniest military on the planet, but a 3rd world health care system which kills approx 50,000 Americans yearly. Can you imagine the uproar if that many were being killed by any external force?

  25. 2liveis2fly on

    When you’re born in the shit, and you build what Calvin (snoop dogg) built, an empire (yes a fucking empire), you’re anything but stupid. What in the hell gives you the idea that he doesn’t have a clue what anyone’s talking about? The black guy isn’t very smart huh?

  26. mykewithayyesay on

    learn history bro , and weed makes so much tax revinue sooooo much cus many people like it its the widest used drug in the world , or would u perfer all that money going to gangs in us and mexico … sure thr governments stopping that but they arent really making it illegal made the incentive for criminals to adapt to that trade of work as its highly profitable please look at the histroy racism made it illegal people ignorance keeps it that way feel free to debate me but u will just get educated

  27. ZelbeQahi on

    It would be interesting to see just how much clout Snoop Dogg would get if he did get involved in politics, other activities in check of course?

  28. tim8228 on

    Snoop dogg has and IQ of 147 so all that stuff about marijuana kills brain cells is total bullshit

  29. sdee625ify on

    Weed is banned cuz ya can’t work 12hr shifts if ya dammed stoned.

    Ain’t no body gonna pay taxes to gubment.


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