50 Cent – Many Men (Wish Death)


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50 Cent - Many Men (Wish Death)Song off my “A Real G” Mixtape many men, wish death, like me, diamond style productions, sex game so amazing, hustle hard, ace hood, that good, Lyrics, of, my, life, bun B everything I need I’m on drake false claimer get ya AK got ya fix Lose your mind Johnny Juliano Don’t get me started…

3 comments on “50 Cent – Many Men (Wish Death)

  1. TeeJayFlowTV on

    @ToneMacTv I’m not A CRIP but I do rep for a reason and what some bitch ass people think isn’t gonna change that

  2. ToneMacTv on

    Man I tryna Diss You But You Sound To White To Sound Hard N Tlkn Bout Murder
    You ‘good at rhymin but gangster rap aint 4 u(by the way stop wit da crip stuff no one gunna take you serious)

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