10 Safest Countries during a Zombie Attack | Zombie Attack


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10 Safest Countries during a Zombie Attack | Zombie AttackWatch more How to Survive a Zombie Attack videos: Subscribe to Howcast’s YouTube Channel – …

49 comments on “10 Safest Countries during a Zombie Attack | Zombie Attack

  1. tankz1000 on

    Why the fuck isn’t England one. We are an island that doesn’t have many people. Easy to exit the island and the chance are most zombies would be killed meaning free of zombies and/or zombies can’t get over seas.

  2. jalene150 on

    Poor china. Four times as many people as USA but roughly the same sized country and a lot less cars and guns

  3. Multifantasydreamer on

    I’ll get a gun in the future. When someone asks why, I’ll point at it and say, “it’s gonna happen sometime. May as well be ready for the zombie apocalypse!”

  4. keelancomerford1 on

    to: ruairi. im not saying that the ira are prepared for a desiese like that. but they use AUG’S. im not sure thats the full name, but they hav loads of ammo. enough to last about a month of shooting. anyway one of the camps hav walls to protect from something. which i dont kno. but ireland should be a top ten. or it might end up on it eventualy.

  5. Ruairi Mulhall on

    “the ira is there” what are the ira going to do? sure, maybe they have weapon deposits, but id say that they wouldnt have the organisation to prepare for a zombie attack.

    i live in kildare btw

  6. Jordan Olson on

    800 people in Africa getting a diseases consistant with a flesh eating virus does not mean it was a zombie apocolypse. We live in a zombie apocalypse, only the zombies are different, they’re mindless idiots studying and researching zombie apocolypses rather than doing something important.

  7. xboxgreedyghost on

    Switzerland, all men military age must go through training and keep there military weapon at there house at all time.

  8. Cole Panell on

    Actually yes. There was a disease that occurred in Africa that caused loss of ability to carry on with daily life, flesh loss, and cannibalistic tendencancies. However all 800 known cases have been captured and quarantined or killed by the CDC, so we actually did have a zombie apocalypse, it just lasted about a month

  9. Brandon Mintsopoulos on

    you people don’t understand what the real zombie apocalypse is ALREADY HAPPENING! its called, idiots who follow corporate gov’t and believe all the lies they tell, following bullshit and not actually waking up to their real human potential lives. Zombies lack any motive, all lazy, lack any knowledgable thought, all they want to do is party and have mindless sex with other individuals without having any depthful connections. The zombie apocalypse is nothing but human nature destroying itself.

  10. Sarah Hodgson on

    glad I live in Australia, oh wait, most of the worlds deadliest animals live here…shit…

  11. keelancomerford1 on

    Northern Ireland would be a good spot. the I.R.A is there. not a big population but including the republic, almost five million. anyway Ireland has only 2 international airports. but only like 28k coming in.

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