Wild plants growing in yard that resemble marijuana?

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Marijuana Growing
The Venusian asked:

I found some wild plants growing in my yard they smell like marijuana and look similar to marijuana plants but the leafs are a bit rounded on the sides. They look like clovers when they start to sprout. Does anyone know what these might be.
I found out that they are cleome….they actually flower no buds ūüôĀ look them up and youll see the resemblance.

4 comments on “Wild plants growing in yard that resemble marijuana?

  1. jigaboo420 on

    the first leaves that appear when marijuana sprouts are a little more rounded but i don’t think you would find weed growing in your yard. You should give it a little water and love and find out you never know it might be.

  2. ‚ô†Sergio~ El AzulKrema‚ô† on

    Hmm sounds interesting, let them grow a little bit more. The find out if it’s is really weed by chilling and lighting a bowl. Yeah homie.

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