Which makes better/more buds, growing marijuana outside or inside in a closet?

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Marijuana Growing
Nug Blazer asked:

I know the law and i do not intend on growing, its just a question.

3 comments on “Which makes better/more buds, growing marijuana outside or inside in a closet?

  1. Robin R on

    Growing inside for many reasons. The main reason is that the culture of the plant can be manipulated to produce the most resin. Temperature light moisture all contribute to the thc level. Outside you are at the mercy of mother nature as well as deer, thieves, frost etc. Grow inside has a greater risk of getting caught however..

  2. placerdude21 on

    I’m not sure about bud size, but I have read an article which says that you get more resin by growing indoors which is even better than larger buds. You also can better control the growing conditions when growing indoors (temperature, humidity, nutrients, light) in order to get the best growing outcome.

  3. bahbdorje on

    Much depens on the cultivar. Some do better in, some outside.

    You have to decide how much time and money you want to put into the effort. Growing indoors is expensive. 1000watt lights suck lots of electricity and you will definately see it on your bill. But have the control of timing, and humidity and such really does help..

    In the proper location you can grow better plants, larger, more harvest weight per plant, if doing it outdoors. And there is the local flavor of the product which…some ways it is better. But you need good sun and lots of water (and fert.) and there is always the local munchers (people and deer and rabbits, and …) around too.

    Keep it as simple questions if fine. Don’t invite proplems if you don’t need to.

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