Whats the penalty for growing 10 marijuana plants in Sussex county, Delaware?
Marijuana Growing
chilloutbrah asked:

The maximum sentence.

Note: i am not growing weed.

Is a complete moron.


  • Check out the NORML website. They have all of the state laws. I applaud your entrepreneurial spirit in these tough economic times.

  • CopsRUs 5 years ago

    Life in prison in most states for cultivation or manufacturing.

    Unfortunately, there is no death penalty for it.

  • danna_bill@sbcglobal.net 5 years ago

    If you can not do the time Don’t do the drime.

  • not enough time in jail !

  • reallypablo 5 years ago

    Marijuana is a schedule I drug in DE:
    Growing marijuana is considered “manufacturing”:
    Manufacturing a schedule I drug is a felony. Growing ten plants would probably yield more than five pounds and less than a 100 pounds, That amount of pot is considered “trafficking” and has a mandatory minimum prison term of two years (meaning the judge can’t order less prison time than that even if she wanted to) and a fine not to exceed $25,000:

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