What if marijuana grows in a environmentally protected area?

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Marijuana Growing
SpecialBlendd asked:

I was thinking about Mt. St. Helen’s, and how the guides don’t even let you step off the trail, and they get really pissed if you step on a blade of grass, so what would happen if they found marijuana growing there, and there was no evidence of illegal picking or selling?

2 comments on “What if marijuana grows in a environmentally protected area?

  1. pi on

    They do searches via air but prob like 20 pot gardens are there anyways its illigle probly like 20 years in jail or like 500grand fine

  2. TruthB on

    Marijuana is not native to America. Believe this B2B response! If Mr. Ranger Sir finds marijuana growing in a National Park it would be removed Not only because it is a Federal Park but also because it had to have been planted – would not have uprooted naturally. Keep in mind it has been 29 years since the eruption and the regrowth has been slow. Applausal to the Rangers and volunteers who keep the regrowth from being trampled – be a blade or sprout! If it wasn’t a ‘grow field’ (which I have not found in the news for MS Helens) I’d at least let it run it’s course (I mean do a science experiment) and harvest (I mean cut it down and dispose).

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