What do you need for a marijuana grow room?

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Marijuana Growing

What is all the things you need for a marijuana grow room and how do you start growing the seed?

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  1. cDaMan on

    you need lights, LEDs grow lights work best, but those are expensive, yet take up less power. but try finding lights you can afford that will work good for grows. you’d also need to have venation for fresh air, and a filter so people don’t smell your weed for outside.. but you could instead use a CO2 generator so you wont need ventilation, and you grow may work out better, but u’d also need a fan in your grow room so that the air circulates.

  2. Zeth on

    First you need to germinate (put the amount of seeds you wanna grow in between to damp paper towels for 1-4 days — check everyday to see if the ‘tails’ come out)

    Then you want to put them in small pots with rich soil with stable PH balance (marijuana doesn’t like high acidity)

    Then you need a grow light to grow them, about 10 bucks at a hardware store.

    Leave the lights on no more than 14 hours, or else the plants will literally cook.

    Also a fan would be good to keep the temperature a reasonable amount.

    You should see them pop up in little under a week.

    Water A LOT, plants love water 😀

    If you keep them on a stable schedule with frequent watering, their grow period should be about 12 weeks.

    Also you will most likely have to give them some fertilizer every few weeks, to keep them growing good 😀

    Take note that it might be illegal in your area so be aware! (hahahaha)


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