Weedventures – Seattle Hempfest 2012 Part 2

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Weedventures - Seattle Hempfest 2012 Part 2WeedMaps.com – News Oct 10, 2012 – In part two of this series, join Gil from WeedMaps as he ventures north to the largest weed gathering in the world, The Seattle Hempfest! He will hook up with old friends, and make new ones alike, on his journey to discover all the best cannabis culture has to offer. So go ahead and fire up that bowl and join us on a Weedventure! Seattle Hempfest started in 1991 and is held every third weekend in August. This massive free event includes weed celebration and act

50 comments on “Weedventures – Seattle Hempfest 2012 Part 2

  1. MrMaxyield on

    Damn Gil….Not even one mention about the upcoming legalization referendum?..I understand not wanting to be political but jeez! at least mention it! …


    there is not one sc lab tested delivery service here in CA..or is there weed maps didnt help me figure that all out..do you know anything about weed maps conctracts or what they do? i asked gil cuz i figured he would answer an know an would help.

  3. drfiter1stcollege2nd on

    nugporn hey Bro How come i cant look at this one youtube video of yours that had the G pen commercial anymore? why did you make it private? it had the best beat i have ever heard for a commercial…you think you can make it public again or at least mention what the beat was called thanks man.

  4. lunakushable on

    Gil!! nice video bro! i feel like im watching a Cannbis traveling show 🙂 keep it up stay down to earth brother! Peace From MD!

  5. redrobot001 on

    I love the commercials. It gives you a sneak peak on what we will be seeing broadcasting on national tv in 5-20 years when cannabis is legal like alcohol.

  6. antinsanwo on

    whats that? task and linus on an american MMJ vid? who would have thought……..zzzz fuckin sick of their voices 

  7. Gil Nugporn on

    Sorry for the lagtime in releasing these vids… Hopefully the wait is worth it!!! Over time we will get faster with this new WeedVentures format… Peace!

  8. Thee3 on

    Gil, this “Superbud” you speak of… it is my dream… and I have to share this sentiment with you!

  9. Bluberry Jonez on

    Anyone from Maine and gil please check out my channel for the Maine Medical Cannabis Review…just starting up free giveaway at 150subs (within the us and depending on what their state laws are on glass pipes)- thanks for watching BluberryJonez p.s hope i get to smoke with you someday soon!

  10. Toby Saunders on

    I saw that NORML banner in there. Speaking of which, NORML’s stance (which absurdly lacks subtly) is that cannabis & the workplace don’t mix (despite it being used as ADD medicine). So, NORML apparently disapproves of Gil’s job, plus one of their people called me a prick or something in an email for bringing up how that zero tolerance policy is not a good approach (although, granted, maybe it’s politically savvy; I’d rather be honest though). -NORML dude told me to support another group!

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