Veg Update – Moms, and 2k sc veg update


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Veg Update - Moms, and 2k sc veg updateAll viewers ages 18 and up, please! This video contains the legal growing of medical cannabis, in Washingotn state, legaly protected under RCW69.51a.

49 comments on “Veg Update – Moms, and 2k sc veg update

  1. thsewaves1 on

    good lookin out man, thank you. i actually got the sweet raw, . the LiquidKarma is the fassilitater right? i know mis spelled that one. i do have AN Nirvana layin around, i think soppose to do the same thing but has a 0-0-1 Npk rating and is organic, mb ill experiment. thanks for the advice, it can be expensive buying all that shit thats not needed :).

  2. scancode666 on

    i had one of those on my wrist dude all i did was get like 5 pennies and wrapped it at night for about 2 or 3 weeks and it was gone. i theink its some kind of carpel tunnel or tendonitis.

  3. Ravi D on

    You losers must have dropped out of middle school if you think Bret is being racist. But, to say I’m gay for Bret or riding is dick or whatever is fuckin absurd. So I dabbed some super sativa shatter and wrote 13 comments. Big deal. Bret didnt care. He was cool with it,cuz. Why don’t all you people bitch about it shut the fuck up and watch the fuckin videos. Or…if you think Bret is being a racist…..don’t fuckin watch his shit…or…mute the fuckin sound if your pansy ass is SO offended.

  4. Reefer Madness on

    I would say disrespecting people of color” is calling him racist. I dont know about you but I dont know anyone of “color:” who talks like that. I would also say he is being himself when he talks in a googfy accent.

  5. Bret1Maverick on

    Promethazine mixed with codine. a purple caugh medication. Codine is known to upset the stomach. The reason it “magniys” opiods is only because it depresses your liver function. Pretty much making your liver act like an alcoholics liver does. So the codine you feel, normaly you wouldnt. If you take that same amount of codine without any promethazine you wouldnt get anythign from it. But making your liver not function worth a shit, you react to it way more. thats all. Look it up.

  6. Bret1Maverick on

    Thats soo funny you said that. THe concept came from him back in the old nikkaT days. Back when it was called FMCD, before i started calling it solventless wax and oil. If you see my first video i posted, its of some melt shots in shitty Tokin calls it a POV shot i I think he doesnt take large enough of a inhale to give the hash any jusitce, to be honest. You cant see how it will react in a real situation, when he takes little baby pulls 5 times to melt down .04 😛

  7. thsewaves1 on

    im gonna go with PBP for my next grow, you said you had the best results with just using the base without additives. what else would you recommend to go along with it?? could i get away just using cal-mag and pk booster???? liquid nutes are new to me and im stoked to use them, i just want to make it simple as possible with good results. and hey, props for knowing how to argue and how to communicate with your subs, shows class and character man

  8. todizzle666 on

    i bet he wouldnt ever say shit like that to ur face hes a pussy ass bitch i am white and there is no such thing as that word any more u fuckin ass face go troll somewhere else the end was for @410mrdiesel

  9. Ravi D on

    I believe you said wayyy more than that. Because if you had just said that I wouldn’t of cared..I can’t find the exact comment but you said way more than that. I think you are forgetting YOU talked shit to me FIRST…not the other way round. I have been smokin weed everyday since 2008. I now only dab..and I am always chill unless people talk shit to me. I dont put up with shit talker. I put them in their place. Anyways, you have serious issues. Kindly fuckk off and never talk 2 me again.

  10. stankboy420 on

    Racist really??? Listen my nigga my wife is white and my son is mixed i am far from racist

  11. Bret1Maverick on

    I would say go with cuttings. With seeds its really really hard to select, without knowing posetive traits to look for. Now i understand if theirs no growers you can get any from. But with seeds its like this. You got a all black pitbull. I got a spotted basset hound. We let them bread. So now we got puppys. Were going to have some bigger, some smaller. Some having spots, and some with no spots. These are all different phenotypes. We have to find the healthyest one. But we dont know how.

  12. mikedsapimp112 on

    If it feels real hard to the touch but is somewhat moveable, then it’s probably a ganglion cyst. They are most common on the left wrist. Full of synovial fluid. A gel like clear liquid the body uses as a joint lubricant. As long as it doesn’t hurt or press on a tendon and weaken your wrist I wouldn’t worry about iit to much. Some people hit them with a bible some people get surgery, either method it usually comes back.

  13. SirSly420 on

    Lil Wayne sucks at rappin , he makes money off it tho so I give respect for gettin paid , but really he has very little talent lyrically .

  14. SexAppeal100 on

     I know right LMAO!? Good shit bro, i watch your channel everytime you update! Keep em comin homie.

  15. Bret1Maverick on

    You said clearly ” I am disrespecting people in other areas, and people of color”. its still on teh video you can read it yourself.
    Never did I say you were a hater. I only said “your assuming im portarying people in other areas or of other races, based on your own steriotypes”.

  16. SirSly420 on

    Yo isn’t potassium bicarbonate baking soda ? Or is it sodium bicarbonate ? LOL I can’t remember off the top of my head .

  17. Bret1Maverick on

    Oh? thats what them fuckin aliens were doing to my I just thought it was goign to be a

  18. Bret1Maverick on

    Right. The calmag just as needed. The Pk booster from about day 21 to day 35. Maby longer maby start later. Depends on the strain. Next on the list, if you end up wanting anything else, is 2 things that are a bit pricey. First being SweetRaw. Thats amazing. I use it from the day i see trichomes, to the day i start flush. The other one is LiquidKarma. Its not really important, but is good for cuttins and smaller plants. Both of thoes arent really needed, but are good to have if you can afford it.

  19. Bret1Maverick on

    Naturly its around 350ppm. So long as your evacuating all the air from the grow room, every few minutes, your bringing in enough fresh air for the plants to have enough. Now if you want to add extra, ofcourse you can go with tanks or a burner. Co2 only does the grower any good, when hte plants are at their max uptake. Using it on plants that arent feeding right, is just not optimal. And then in the mother room i dont need to mention, that co2 is pointless for mothers. But i will use it somtime.

  20. norcalkush420 on

    there was a cut going around in the early 2000’s in cali called super sour diesel it was super silver haze x sour d

  21. andyfibb on

    stereotypes and racism are not the same thing kids. i remember in like middle school we learned about these like this one is a good one for instance.. “All gardeners are mexican, but not all mexicans are gardeners…” STEREOTYPEEE

  22. Bret1Maverick on

    That has to do with the wattage your running, in combo with teh strain. So with snowcap and no co2 emurtion, you can get up to .7 or .8 grams per watt. Now with alot of the OG’s thats just not going to happen. Now blueDream. That you can get yoru gram per watt easy. expecally by adding co2. So really its wattage, and strain. Now if you fuck up then thats a factor Ive done 4.5lbs off 3 hoods before. Its the last grow i fucked up on. Not trying to make the same mistake.

  23. Bret1Maverick on

    So when you crack off some seeds, thats how it is. Even though all the seeds had the same mother and father. They arent all exaclty the same. Thats why theirs 15 differnt kinds of plushberry. Cause a 10 pack has 10 differnt Now some breaders will take a progany, and use that to back cross into the origonal mother. That helps stabolize the babys. As if you took the only spotted puppy and breaded it back with the spotted basset hound. Thoes babys would have more spots.

  24. Towering Nimbus on

    You way over reacted to someone calling you “Brets biggest fan”. You acted like a child, or at the very least someone who’s never smoked weed before.
    Just chill the fuck out.

  25. Jose euro on

    i don’t know about this sizzurp you speak of, the lean that i know of has nothing to do with promethazine. you already know that promethazine is for nausea and has no euphoria associated with it. where i am from “lean” is actually made by mixing a liquid codeine called tusenex. tusenex is given to people who have bronchitus. some people mix it with soda like sprite. this is actually real dangerous, because mixing 2 depresants can stop your heart beat. the two magnify each other…fyi

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