VaderVision – Cannagedon – Week 5 – Cannabis Grow Room Improvments

VaderVision - Cannagedon - Week 5 - Cannabis Grow Room ImprovmentsWEED WEDNESDAY!!!!! Season 2 Continues ~_0 Prepare for the Escape! If your interested in Supporting Mota on Sat Aug 25th in San Francisco fire us a PM! Prop 215 SB 420


  • TheCrunchymango 6 years ago

    what does his garden have to do with anything ?,he gave his view which he is allowed to do his garden has nothing to do with it,he didn even hint at one knowing more than the other,he did however “hint” at drama…….. cannot think why ???

  • FlakaMala6311 6 years ago

    Thanks bro appreciate the info helps alot I support ur vids a 100% I just love the way yuh explain everything so simple bro thumbs up keep up the great job thanks ..peace & happy growing

  • DevilChildLabs 6 years ago

    I’m always so impressed by your videos and Knowledge. You are a serious inspiration to the little guy. Thanks again Vader….

  • Compn1 6 years ago

    to control it in the future, you need to watch the humidity and temperature levels, use colder water and bottom water. make sure there is no standing water as well. installing a uv-c/uvb/uva lamp may also help to kill powdery mildew , but this is new tech and not widely tested, better get a second opinion. neem oil is organic and helps with pm as well.

  • TheCrunchymango 6 years ago

    look my bad i cannot be fucked if im honest,and AGAIN your assuming with the “all people use hydrogen bla bla bla”,no they dont,some who dont know better do,others use a enzyme to break down n make good use of older roots,as for the rot rot that shouldn ever happen,even in DWC,look honestly i cant be fucked, your either full of shit about growing in 99 or lieing about being 21 yr old,dont think/assume something”all people use it” as they really dont,all the best yeah,im out im done !!

  • Baberyy1 6 years ago

    actually my first grow was in 1999 sir…. second of all people do use hydrogen peroxide to clear out dead root,rot,etc…. and some people use enzymes to deal with the same issues. Why is it so strange that i would ask him him if he uses either of them.

  • Stickysickness1 6 years ago

    Ahhhhh I have time to be up in the city too!! Dammit… No harvest for another 3 weeks! Next time he escapes from there I’m in! Sweet update!

  • TheRealLuMpKiNg 6 years ago

    Love your channel Vader!

    Keep up the good work big man!!

  • DirkDaner 6 years ago

    Hell ya Koma and Vader together could make some super dank shit. I like Vaders videos but you cant dismiss that Koma grows some of the dankest buds you will ever see.

  • greenrooster81 6 years ago

    Vader- the simple fact that you feel your seed co. Wouldn’t be a success at the tide, is exactly why they would be a success, you actualy care about your genetics, a lot of companies on the tude are in it for Tue money and lack the quality control you have, don’t cut yourself short man.

  • PoodMasta 6 years ago

    Fuck that crook Nixon and Fuck the war on drugs. The war is on us!!!

  • maxthcsmoker 6 years ago

    uh oh tga and cali connect are shiting their pants right about now lol!

  • TheCrunchymango 6 years ago

    untill i know my ins n outs you say ?,what like asking”great roots,do you use hydrogen peroxide” (you this vid),also try taking your own advice and not judge,because honestly your way off point sir (my first grow was DWC back in 1998 when you was painting with your hands n mummy was sticking them on the wall saying “aahhhh”)
    serious though relax a bit and dont judge and assume things on people you know nothing about,even the people who make long vids as in reality you know nothing about them too

  • Chaoxheart49 6 years ago

    @komagrows no offense koma I love your work and I love your channel, but I think Vader is a tier above. His videos carved a new, mature, and informative path in YouTube that no one has even begun to produce. Every episode has a contemporary theme that educates and entertains the audience. A “no drama needed” channel is just what Vader created by sharing his vast knowledge about cannabis to the world. I’m not trying to speak for him or put seeds in anyone’s joint, I’m just saying Vader is the sh

  • MedicatedJew 6 years ago

    do it!

  • Tyrannabudz 6 years ago

    That it would be. 

  • illuminasty 6 years ago

    What a dick rider.

  • i85blax 6 years ago

    Top notch!

  • NGT4LIFE 6 years ago

    cannazon is a good seedbank that holds strains that the other seedbanks dont.
    they dont have a huge selection to choose from tho.but most of the seed companys on the site many of you will never have heard of.
    attitude is cool tho.

  • Baberyy1 6 years ago

    and I wasnt asking about your garden I was asking about his…and talking about his ins and outs…. and asking him who he was to judge…

  • QweeHustles24 6 years ago

    @vader…brotha i really appreicate the knowledge ur sharing it motivates me to stay focused and continue forward…peace

  • Baberyy1 6 years ago

    just because they have different styles in their videos doesnt mean that koma knows any less then this guy…….. whats your garden look like is my question?

  • asipherd 6 years ago

    This show is bad ass. I really like the time spent on production value. Lots of great information. Thanks!
    – Major Stoner

  • greenrooster81 6 years ago

    You should join us on the seed depot, good people on there

  • Baberyy1 6 years ago

    until you know your ins and outs,and have actually done a grow maybe you shouldn’t be judging top notch people .

  • TokesMaster 6 years ago

    that would be epic man

  • rider1616 6 years ago

    hey vader when are you going to move on to more advanced hydro like you said awhile ago?

  • KoMAgrows 6 years ago

    lol that was my point…i grow and do breeding while all the time i cant make videos, i have zero editing skills and no interest in learning…as for information i am a very deep well my friends, i just dont feel comfortable on camera…like vader,,..another reason i mentioned somthing..i already am teaming up with one of the biggest players in this industry :)but the video aspect and the internet in general isnt my thing…still looking for a partner for that end , thats all…..

  • HKsileighty 6 years ago

    you shouldnt talk yourself or down like that Vader, we have all seen the results of your breeding and they are some of the nicest buds on youtube not to mention the amazing colours you are pulling out of OG’s, i live in Australia and you cannot get any genetics that arnt bag seed. so ordering your seeds was a must (hopefully they arrive soon XP) even if its just helping you buy cool new tshirts im going to continue to support you and your company because of the knowledge you give out for free.

  • greenrooster81 6 years ago

    Sorry bout the grammar

  • Baberyy1 6 years ago

    yes this is the wifes utube account hense the name baberry1…her names avery. Anyways I was right to assume he used one of two(enzyme or peroxide) cause obviously he does…and all i was doing is asking which one. Now how hard is that to understand.

  • Baberyy1 6 years ago

    like lets be serious…this guy knows his shit but I have a much larger garden with way more light etc… I use this as a refresher. I think its great how explains in detail …. there is nothing wrong with learning new things from people that appreciate and do the same thing you do.

  • coal4life 6 years ago

    Yer gonna hafta start brewing yer own beer. Put the fermenters near the intake for the room and ya get some extra co2. Just a free tip. Over grow the planet Bro.

  • PoodMasta 6 years ago

    Vader. Can you do an episode on how “breeding” is specially about selection and anything else you think “breeding” is about. I have a friend that’s thinks he’s breeding now. He has the most horrible og kush strain iv ever seen and pollinating it with a male that’s only 3 weeks into flower (just started dropping pollen) and he thinks the pollen is mature enough. Anyways he knows that the OG Kush sucks but his claim is that the seeds he makes is going to produce outstanding pheno’s. Your opinion?

  • OgkushCanada 6 years ago

    that would be re tar ded

  • OmenGrower 6 years ago

    great stuff bro.. check out my plasma garden. Tell me what you think?

  • Compn1 6 years ago

    internet knowledge says find the baking soda recipe/instructions to control powdery mildew.

    its a fungus, which means its in the air and on all surfaces. to remove it completely you will have to disinfect all surfaces, containers, filters, and growing medium.

    for organic cleaning? you can use vinegar and/or hydrogen peroxide. hydrogen peroxide is also useful when rooting clones. note: i dont know whether vinegar will kill powdery mildew fungi 99% like a bleach will. good luck.

  • aviationsquadmusic 6 years ago

    Vader ur strains and genetics are fuckim amazing give urself some credit pimpin

  • SirSly420 6 years ago

    Haha great video brother keep up the good work . Peace

  • FlakaMala6311 6 years ago

    Yo bro check out my grow it ain’t much but is just for mi but hopefully yuh get a chance to check it out n let yuh c wat I was talking bout

  • dylanparrott 6 years ago

    Nice intro

  • EpaHustla 6 years ago

    Another great vid thanx,Vader/Fader OG!!!!!

  • MedicatedJew 6 years ago

    I said it before and I will say it again… I dont think I will ever have the luxury of obtaining some of your genetics, so please please please do the breeding series you were contemplating. Your knowledge is all I can look forward to.

  • zero67439 6 years ago

    i keep getting unsubbed from this channel…

  • yahoobit 6 years ago

    Hay Bro GR8 Shit As Always

  • TokesMaster 6 years ago

    Great show Vader Love your stuff you always do the best stuff keep em coming man 100 percent respect man peace bro

  • jaydomification 6 years ago

    what is your opinion on the lucas formula?

  • pdennison3 6 years ago

    make me an apprentice.

  • thed505 6 years ago

    i love weed

  • Socalpride619 6 years ago

    hahaha your a weird dude….i like it..great videos

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