Treating Yourself Expo 2012 Medi Grow Veg Room HD

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Treating Yourself Expo 2012 Medi Grow Veg Room HD

35 comments on “Treating Yourself Expo 2012 Medi Grow Veg Room HD

  1. gonzo3716 on

    Remo is right as usual.Pro-Mix is made in Québec. Rivière-du-loup is not located in N.B. at all !

  2. Nubb3t on

    Ah damn I got excited right when you started walking up to the flower room, too bad it wasn’t shown. You should have showed that, hopefully it’ll be in the next video.

  3. hapkrs on

    hey remo is it just me or did i see water dripping from the is about 55 seconds.iam just saying happy smoking and keep up the good work on the growing and the best weed vids on youtube and the internet.happy 420 and peace and pot.from a loyal viewer advance nutients rock man

  4. TITOX3 on

    19 % ??? REMO come to northern california i got a 22.7 % headband tested by SC labs n it aint the highest!

  5. RangerOt on

    Have you met Mastahrolla?

    He is a canadian aswell, you guys should make a video of you smoking a huge joint together 😀

  6. xxxcassiusxxx on

    hey remo, i can see on the seedlings some of the larger frongs have been cut off.
    just wondering why? so the seedlings dont have to pump juice to the end of them?

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