The Ultimate Shootout? The Sort Down


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The Ultimate Shootout? The Sort DownJust wanted to start off with an idea I had that would make the ultimate shootout! Also wanted to talk about real processes that help a great deal in keeping order in the small plant nursery.

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  1. warrenkeigher80 on

    love or hate they will do what ever there doing and thats that no matter what yal sayin be it in so cal or north west u k my man!

  2. HopAndPuff on

    I feel like people are to the point where they search youtube to see people’s growing styles; their system. That way they can pick and choose certain aspects from other people’s gardens to best use their space. I love the way the carbon filter is mounted in GrowerMD’s Site M. The rest of the internet has picked up the slack and there are now plenty of people out there doing the hands on vids now.

  3. sinsamillaman on

    good intro.I am glad you still get the point.IT is obvious that you care about your gardens, otherwise you would not be as successfull as you are.With that said,I have seen gardens that people do not care to much for.With pests and other issues, and still go forward, that is not caring for your garden and your patients that people serve.Great lookin nursery, and I know its alot of work and we tend to get annoyed when full time.Great head.. 🙂

  4. HBC423 on

    ultimate shootout would be canna against anything… can’t believe you’ve never tried the best stuff out.. why?

  5. TheDusdusable on

    hahaha i can se you walk in to the room head over to you plant…”hi my loves how r you doing…good thats good babies…three steps to the right….”I FUCKING HATE ALL OF YOU FUCKER!!!!!!!! AHAGGGAGAGAG HOPE YOU ALL DIE!!!!!!!” lmafo

  6. FieldsofGreen09 on

    pushing out as ,any clones as you do need alot of integrity…you literally have certain strains future in your hands….a switch of clone here or there could really fuck with what people perceive they have..not worded great but i’m sure you know what i mean

  7. growingforfreedom on

    They get big on their own. 2″ cubes can grow good sized clones. Watering is done with a pump and res. Once soaked the trays and lifted off the rack and then carefully tilted to pour the excess water back to the res (which is kept elevated for easy access).

    Its simple, but a bitch when plant numbers get high. It does however net excellent results.

  8. Grant Schott on


  9. cubbone213 on

    Work ethic is what makes a successful It be hands on or the business aspect of it, you must NOT be lazy and get things done!

  10. Jose euro on

    You might be a genius! I was in a shitty mood until I noticed your 3 vids! You keep the wind in peoples sails, thanks…

  11. warrenkeigher80 on

    survival of the fittest thats the main thing when it comes to the spurm who makes it and swims into the inner side of the egg !like the both of us back in the day if ya cant handle the heat get the fuck out the kitchen only the finest make it yal uk or state side we no da shit yal x

  12. ayoumans2006 on

    hey sub!, First i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the info you been giving out. My wife thinks I’m crazy BC all i do is watch your videos. but i learned so much from you and guys like you..Much Love & respect.

  13. alchemicalanarchist on

    Ha, for a second I thought you were going to do a Masaru Emoto Rice Experiment with Cannabis. /watch?v=HTz-cYk9Wu4

  14. TokenTombstone on

    nobody makes a tray – may or may not be cannabis specific – that has a small drain valve on the bottom of one it’s sides? just think how much time you could save yourself if you find some.

  15. freyes44 on

    Looks awesome sub can wait to get some clones again I will be thankful I will drive there in a heart beat I’m really disappointed with the quality of clones here plz help me sub I will make mothers this time thanks

  16. growingforfreedom on


    I like vicodins too but not all of the time. No alcohol generally, at best 1-2 beers a year and no powders, YUK!

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