The Reason Behind Growing Organic Medical Marijuana With Gobig

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The Reason Behind Growing Organic Medical Marijuana With GobigJust a vid explaining and showing why I grow in a organic fashion and why I feel it is important to know where your Bud comes from. Roll one lite one and enjoy

26 comments on “The Reason Behind Growing Organic Medical Marijuana With Gobig

  1. gobiginternational on

    I think I want to shake your hand for seeing with your own eyes what matters most. Thats be in control of what you allow into your body. I think you will have fun and grow more than you know with your own teas and soil u get or make

  2. titogreenege on

    how can i get some of your ill ass strains….im loving ur crazy crosses..also have you ever heard of dr. earth organic soil? thinkin bout trying it, also play some… J boog “ganja farmer'” my plants love it….lol

  3. gobiginternational on

    My tea vids are hidden in the books of GBI and only those who are hunters will find them. And Mycorrhiza + Trichoderma + Bacteria soil Inoculant into soil are great just have to figure out the % of what to what. I tried a soil like this and found out I made it to thick and got too tight on the roots. SO good luck and best wishes

  4. gobiginternational on

    I wokr J boogie in the last cycle an dI know the plants loving it. As of now there are no strains going out of G.B.I

  5. DaDankDoc on

    Kush fan leaf is like u said wide but its a indica structure of leaf . Kush comes from The H. Kush region of the mountains of Afghanistan on the border of Pakistan. Not knocking u homie ,chill im not a troll lol . Keep doin what your doin preech that organics or teach them to panic ,thus if not organic. peace big homie

  6. gobiginternational on

    That’s fine with me. My paper work is the first thing u see when you come in. Plus Im 20 plants under my plant count


    this bx hollered at u earlier on fb im in stockton but anyways u aint got shit to worry bout wit da males they will be showin they self real soon fam get them niggaz gone

  8. NGT4LIFE on

    nattie,you can grow weed in any medium,good or bad,it’ll grow because its a weed.
    but unless your shit is properly dialed in,you wont get the full potential out of the strain.
    also organic does not mean i told you before,organics are turned into synthetics in the soil before the plants can use the nutrients.properly grown organic or synthetically grown weed,thats been dryed and cured correctly,can be equally as good.most ppl cant tell the difference.

  9. gobiginternational on

    I watched a few old school vids and they spoke on chem ferts but at the end they always said Organic was a better method. And the patients might k=not know it’s chem but the grower does and that fucked up if the grower does not allow the patient to know about it. Now if the patient is cool with it then fine, but I know they want organic

  10. stickypopful on

    I have been thinking more and more lately of 100% organic,only natural additives and quit the AN nutes. Im not sure these nutes are good to consume,what u think? Peace

  11. billsykes75 on

    Dont be surprised if They Hermi with that gay tune playing throughout the 5min mark Bruvz!:-/

    Nahh only jokin’ mate, They lookin’ nice and healthy, Well done!:-)

  12. stickypopful on

    thanks man,do you have a link on how to make tea? What is you take on adding Mycorrhiza + Trichoderma + Bacteria soil Inoculant into soil?

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