The New Marijuana Laws in the US Questions answered


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The New Marijuana Laws in the US Questions answered18 and Up PLEASE. This Video is intended for mature audiences.PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ABOVE THANKS! NEW LINKS BELOW! Thank you for being a subscriber! You guys rock! Please keep the friend requests coming to face book at Trendyas Dabbers and go sub Trendyassdabbers at youtube!

30 comments on “The New Marijuana Laws in the US Questions answered

  1. WWWtheHiggsBoson on

    Gov. Bentley of Alabama said he would veto any bill that had to do with medical marijuana. These fuckin rednecks are starting to really piss me off. They will get shit face drunk and drive around like its no big deal. Fuckin uneducated backwoods cousin fuckers slanging their bible around and not knowing how hypocritical that piece of garbage is. I gotta get the fuck outta here.

  2. KemoSTL on

    Great video man, I said the same thing; four more years and it will all be legal! Im 18 so I’ll be 22. LEGALIZE THIS HARMLESS PLANT!

  3. Tnj8228 on

    I’m always smoking bro, that’s why i got my med ls. so if I’m not high i still pop over five nanos. I got crazy back problems sometimes its very hard to breathe. I smoke bho to stay medicated at NIGHT. dui for yesterday? I would deny test and lose my driving privliges. Sucks. Deny deny deny. Lol. It is, what it is. I can deal with it and be fine. I never get pulled over anyways.

  4. Slaparu on

    Nay I wish I could agree with that prediction but the banks make way too much money off if it being Illegal. The banks control the federal government so watch what they are going to do to these states. Federal bullies incoming…

  5. timster12 on

    in washington pretty much you just shouldn’t drive with weed or if you have been smoking. then you should be fine

  6. BewareOfTheSpam on

    What if you grow your six plants and it will obviously produce more than just an ounce? would that be illegal, since your in possession of more than an ounce?

  7. Tony D on

    COOOOOOOOOOOL as allways Nay, the State of ILL is Trying to VETO are LAW this Nov. 27th at are capital that was turned down early this year BUT To review old bussiness and change what need to be done B-4 the new congress Takes over in January 2013 so a dession has to be made in NOV. or it will have to start all over again tryind to get Medical Marijuana approved. all over again. Your Treendy BUD Tony D

  8. skyofgreenglass on

    Wait, if you have 6 plants yielding more than an ounce, what would you do with the excess or would it be okay.

  9. Ion Pozitiv on

    may seem like it 🙂 srry ! after a video ends and i click another video at the end of it it changes the video but not the link, and that mesage was for the video “This Week in Weed August 14th-20th….” ! And i think “fuck obama” cand be said on every marijuana related video on youtube !
    NO one can control legalize or ilegalize nature, it’s just for appereance and for protecting kids under 17-18 so they wont smoke it until they are adults !

  10. seanlikescake on

    Not that I don’t want cannabis legalized, I think it’s kind of hard to say “the federal government HAS to” because they really do whatever the fuck they want. 

  11. hank586 on

    It not legal cause usa say no one can make it legal not even other countrys who the hell do we think we are when we tell other countrys what they can and can t do make me not prode to be from usa we are the only treat to this world well the people that become rich off of our seffuring are and we go to other places and terrize them wonder what other countrys think of us one of these days there all going to get sick of u and blow us all up and thats what I would do if I was them

  12. hank586 on

    9-11 was bush trying to get people to fight his oil and his dads war no ones ever come here they just want u to thing that its us that goes and fuck with people

  13. John Cdiggidy on

    I cant wait till the day where marijuana is legal everywhere maybe people and cops will have less things to worry about and can focus on things more serious. I really hope Colorado Washington and Oregon really show america how good it is for everyone just hope no one dies or commits a crime and blames it on weed

  14. drutang on

    Id say that the Ounce rule is for “walking around”(figure of speech) enjoyment ….. whereas what is in your home is your business as long as it is 6 plants or under. I think it has to do with limiting the possibility of large quantity sales on the street level. But hey, its just my opinion and I claim to know nothing. STAY TRENDY!!

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