The Mountain Man Report #31


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The Mountain Man Report #31CA 215 Medical Cannabis Channel* 18+ spread the word fellow Mountaineers !!! thank you for stopping by, as always like and subscribe!!! The Medical Cannabis…

41 comments on “The Mountain Man Report #31

  1. Stikibits on

    it must be nice to live surrounded by nature.
    Just thought I’d mention, adjusting the pH changes the colour of hydrangeas by making more or less aluminium available.
    1) hydrangeashydrangeas. com/colorchange. html´╗┐

  2. xx420Alchemistxx on

    the requirements are that your verified with captain howdy for any social grow event, then make me a short video and tell me why you want to run the blurp. make sure to send me a link and thats about´╗┐ it. i have 12 spots left i believe. good luck. ­čÖé oh, and like normal, make a playlist, and make weekly updates. its all on the social grow website. go check it out.

  3. xx420Alchemistxx on

    i have tinkered here and there over the´╗┐ years, had some good success and lots of not so good harvests, but this year im really going all in and trying to grow all our own produce. as a family we are tired of the grocery stores low grade quality items and high prices , and also make people sick. 5 year plan… off the grid and self sustaining.ive paid my dues and tired of getting the shaft.

  4. xRM5BOIx on

    i put my beans in a paper towel then poke my seeds in root riot cubes with a match stick just to get them in the right position so there root down and let them do there thing 2-3 days later there´╗┐ through the top

  5. Mystjah on

    thanks for this wonderful view …the first pot looks 20 gal if you can pm the measurements to me… hey you can dip´╗┐ those pine cones in scented wax different colors

  6. BolagnaSheetsMD on

    Ya i explored as well could only stand the cold for about 15 mins before my nuts chattered´╗┐ off lol

  7. brianj123458 on

    Whoever is giving the thumbs find another channel if you don’t´╗┐ like this don’t be hater peace

  8. amstersam666 on

    Use something to block the holes in the pots like a trash bag or something and get a measuring jug and fill the pots with water and that should tell how big they´╗┐ are.


    i miss living in the mountains….i´╗┐ fucking loved it….got home sick and headed back to the flatlands…i lived in the springs and in cripple creek …nice show……keep it green

  10. xx420Alchemistxx on

    snow? so your saying its cold? shit i had to take off the shirt it was soooo hot.´╗┐ mowed the lawn, yes mowed actually grass, and used my blower. pruned… it was ON

  11. xx420Alchemistxx on

    you know brother, even on my worst days you find a way to crack´╗┐ me up. thanks bro. we all know your awesome with that insightful cannabis knowledge but you what my friend…. your one funny ass dude too. lol thank you and be well buddy.

  12. ParadiseQueenB on

    I KNEW that frog was a big un!! Loud ass!´╗┐ Such a beautiful day in your neck o the woods. Thanks for sharing and caring & keep up the great work!

  13. PrivateStashGrowers on

    Oh, by the way… You are so lucky to live where you live. Always enjoy the´╗┐ footage around your place.

  14. MrCaliforniaCannabis on

    my wife was watchin the video with no volume and she told´╗┐ me to go look at them again and see whats wrong with them “they look wierd” she was talkin bout your veggies haha

  15. xx420Alchemistxx on

    i took your advice and also Jay’s. i turned them over yesterday and i see the white tails on several but its like there gassed out or something. hopefully now that´╗┐ its warmer i will have better success. otherwise, im pulling those beans and popping some fresh ones. not sure how long to wait but thank you again for your advice and help

  16. xx420Alchemistxx on

    good idea. and´╗┐ thanks for watching buddy. they have got to be around 25 or 30, just wondering but those 10 gal are the shit !!! definitely need more of those !!!!

  17. Curly Green on

    I got a homeless dude pissing on the back wall of a drive through thats my sweet ass view ­čśŤ The seedlings have nothing to push on in order to pop out thats why you see a root but no top. Dont push them down at all just put the plug in a beer cup with some soil and you will be fine. Just have´╗┐ 4 bad seeds from a batch of 12 so it isnt uncommon to get a few Jerry’s kids lol. And then there were 8 cheesequake haha. The GDP are being slow starters we will see how they turn out .

  18. BolagnaSheetsMD on

    i think those are 15´╗┐ gallons the couple 20 gallons o got look the same height but way wider

  19. xx420Alchemistxx on

    i did a similar thing. back and forth from city life and the woods. im reminded every morning and night why i am here and why i love it. its a very special thing´╗┐ and from the sound of what you said, you know exactly what im saying. thank you for the nice comments, have a wonderful day friend. ­čÖé

  20. xx420Alchemistxx on

    the pine cone idea is awesome. very creative. i believe the pots or 30 or 35’s. i wasnt going to waste that much water´╗┐ but i did 15 and had alot of room to grow,lol thank you for your help. ­čÖé

  21. MrKillAllTheLawyers on

    I want to come enjoy that beautiful weather. I would love to see some bees right now. Haha

    Maybe that put is 15 gallon? I try to think of´╗┐ it as, how many 5 gallon pots are in that big pot. I am used to 5 gallon pots though.

  22. PrivateStashGrowers on

    There is nothing wrong with trying new things. Props to you. Keep doing your own thing! I just like to share info´╗┐ with you. Peace.

  23. TheGrow Pro on

    you changed your pic, almost missed´╗┐ your show….lol….just goes to show you i look at the pictures…

  24. xx420Alchemistxx on

    please private message me sir.´╗┐ we needs to talk please. ­čÖé have a good one man

  25. garagegrow420 on

    Do you grow your oen veg all the time.this is my first year trying.thinking of´╗┐ a little green house.real veg not or

  26. xx420Alchemistxx on

    ever have one of those days where you clean one spot and find a´╗┐ million other spots.. yeah, thats me today.. take care mountaineer

  27. TheGrow Pro on

    the whole in those rooters looks very large…mine are root riots and i have to open the whole sometimes…wonder´╗┐ if that is the problem…you may have to flip those ones around..

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