The “High” Judge

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The Judge James H. Allamong Jr., a substitute judge in Virginia, was sentenced to thirty days in jail after being caught growing marijuana. The judge claimed he needed to grow 41 plants for personal use. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks discuss this story. Should marijuana be legalized, tell us what you think in the comment section below. Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Buy TYT Merch: theyoungturks.spreadshirt.

50 comments on “The “High” Judge

  1. phoboskitty on

    lots of science to back up pot as a cancer cure specifically the Cannabinoids THC,CBC,CRB and a few others, look it up, the earliest studies date back to 1974, its not Voodoo just because you say it is… you should do some reading and by that i mean not read the DEA’s website

  2. WeAreAllAroundGaming on

    I thought I was going to get top comment because I noticed it was 4:20 long but somebody beat me to it.

  3. Sperminator10000 on

    When stories mention plant number, they become meaningless. Plants can be 2 inches tall or 10 feet tall. When you want to find out how much actual smokeable weed is produced. The number of grow lights and wattage are what matters.


    WOW like 30 days for all that weed, i wonder how much jail time a normal guy on the street wouldve got?

  5. coltsrule5150 on

    i would rather hang out with stoners, than a bunch of drunks any day
    drunk are annoying as FUCK, stoners are funny as FUCK

  6. OGShively on

    As a native Virginian (not to be confused with virgin), I fully respect this judge, and am entirely confident that all 41 plants were, in fact, for personal use.

    Not shit else to do in this state..

  7. KingWithoutaCause on

    For a lot of reasons. More reasons than most people could think of. I want weed legalize but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pull statements out of my ass and claim them to be true.

  8. TheGothicAtheist on

    Pot wasn’t the cause of his cancer, nor is it the cause of any cancer, although it can be used to treat some forms of cancer, and no it isn’t vodoo medicine, like you suggested earlier.

  9. coltsrule5150 on

    yeah, the violence will stop
    if you legalize all drugs, drug dealers go out of buisness
    if i could get my drugs at a local store that sells it legally, you think i would rather go to some scrub on the street, and chance getting robbed or worse?

  10. TheDarxide23 on

    I had a high school sub who was essentially a janitor for the school who was in Vietnam and wasn’t quite right in the head. He called every student “bird-dog” and would fall asleep in class all the time. When he wasn’t sleeping you couldn’t ask him any questions because it seemed to confuse him and he would get this far away look on his face and just stare without saying anything. He was awesome.

  11. Timefliesbye on

    30 days??? You didn’t misread years right?

    They incarcerate you for fucking life. They might as well. A sentence of 10 years screws the rest of your future.

    But no. Judge gets caught growing MJ several times the amount they arrest people for…. 30 days.

    Fuck you corrupt justice system. Fuck you with an iron barbed wired rod.

  12. 0ndey on

    You sound exactly like that one China man I debated once. Again: It is like homeopathy. It’s voodoo. Clear enough?

  13. TheNeoronin on

    Young turks give a bad name to weed. maybe you should quit smoking before you broadcast because you always come off as a total ass. your points are ok sometimes but even when they’re good you presents them like such idiots who the fuck would care. You’re a joke.

  14. coltsrule5150 on

    and you’re right, it does happen to all of us lol
    i tried to warn you tho
    but marijuana is a harmless drug, research it more and you will find out for yourself
    if you choose not to smoke it, that’s fine, just don’t go around spreading nonsense about it is all i ask, because it is harmless
    i’m 37 years old, and sadly i have tried almost every drug type there is, pot, pills, coke, LSD never tried heroin, fuck that shit
    but of all the things i have tried, marijuana is NOTHING

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