The Hangover 3: Amsterdam – Red Light District

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The Hangover 3: Amsterdam - Red Light DistrictThis is also a quick amsterdam guide and what you can see and do. But be careful there is legal marijuana there, don’t go too crazy or you’ll end up like me in the video LOLL. Hangover the movie inspired (vlog 11) Vlogs: Pulled over by police – What are you waiting for: Q and A video : First Date using my First Car – Plane Rides – Paris – Fire Alarm in Residents – Picking Up Asian Wome

50 comments on “The Hangover 3: Amsterdam – Red Light District

  1. fluxx naims on

    me this was my first time and last time, these girls aren’t prostitutes,
    they’re real BITCHES, guys beware, if you wanna have a good time you got to brussels or antwerp, in brussels is
    50 for 15 minutes but if you’re a good boy you can stay a bit longer, the secret is always to be nice with the girls,
    in antwerp is 50 for 20 minutes and it’s all FULL SERVICE, trust me, Amsterdam’s RLD SUCKS BALL,
    if you want more advice hit me up on PM. cheers.

  2. fluxx naims on

    so the other day i went to check this place out,
    first of all i live in belgium and i have visited the RLD in Antwerp and Brussels,
    so i know what im talking about, a piece of advice if you’re hungry for sex in amsterdam,
    never go there, you will be robbed by the bitches who work there,
    all they want is your money that’s all, my story: i saw this gorgeous blonde calling me so i went in,
    when i got inside i asked her “how’s the deal?” she said 50 euros for 25 minutes, and i said ok,

  3. fluxx naims on

    after i got undressed she said ” why don’t you give me 50 more euros so we’re cool” i said i didn’t have
    more money and she went from lovely to bitchy in the blink of an eye, she kept asking for 10 more minutes
    so i gave her 20 euros more, needless to say she performed poorly, only lay on the bed and said come fuck me,
    she didn’t even move a little, and even worse, when i was getting hard
    she goes “5 more minutes and you’re done”
    but only 10 minutes had passed, so for

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