Teen caught growing marijuana


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Teen caught growing marijuanaA 15-year-old from Mitchell High School teen has been charged with a felony for growing and cultivating marijuana.

4 comments on “Teen caught growing marijuana

  1. peterpotpie on

    This young man’s life will now be ruined – not from marijuana, but from prohibition. We must stop this madness!!! Don’t let our corrupt government turn our children into criminals
    Wake up, America. This could have have been your son…. think about it. A felony! Give me a fucking break.  I’ll tell ya, my patience has run out.

  2. choomanfoo on

    The future depends on whether or not enough of us are willing to take a long look at the tragic results of prohibition. If we continue to skirt the primary issue while refusing to address the root problem then we can expect no other result than a worsening of the current dire situation. – Good intentions, wishful thinking and pseudoscience are no match for the immutable realities of human nature.

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