Superman OG Kush Flower Weeek 4


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Superman OG Kush Flower Weeek 200 watt cfl grow room for one plant first grow ever week 4 into flower stage listening to some mexican dubstep reggae ­čÖé

48 comments on “Superman OG Kush Flower Weeek 4

  1. Brand0nI9993 on

    I’ve heard this around, and not´╗┐ saying im right but shouldnt you have taken off the bigger fan leaves that dont produce flower to ensure that all the nutrients and energy of the plant go to the buds?

  2. SigningthePanda on

    shit last´╗┐ night picked up some pineapple express and blowed down with a another blunt of purple kushl, great vids man keep it up!

  3. MarijuanaCanada on

    Quick question. Could I use a fluorescent lighting system for the veg period then switch to the hps system for the flowering so I can increase the´╗┐ yield?

  4. xstonezababy1 on

    love the plant man..more THC, more leaves, Bigger bud,´╗┐ its looking good man..good job!(:

  5. amisviixi on

    Looks really nice with CFL’s. You should get approx 10-30g of bud with this setup, It’s not much but I’ll tell ya it’s really´╗┐ worth it since it’s grown by yourself the bud is special for you, so you should toke it with consideration in order to save it for later times :p !

  6. daBrUDas520 on

    Ladies´╗┐ lookin’ nice & frosty! New in AZ…Uget a sec,chk us out!
    Keep on Growin’…Keep on Smokin’

  7. BluntSnBowls601 on

    one day hes gonna wake up and´╗┐ were ever that plant is..the room is gonna smell like a bomb of weed just hit it..true stuff

  8. TheHuggableRetard on

    that isnt dubstep,´╗┐ thats just straight up dub bro. dubstep is like techno and sucks all the dicks, dub is like reggae kinda

  9. MarijuanaCanada on

    What could you do to get more? Im looking to start a grow and I want to make sure I do´╗┐ it right so we get max yield and great bud.

  10. nightflierlives on

    Lol. My phone was playing the overlay music stoped it´╗┐ to here the rap tour playing. Killer jam all the same

  11. MrTheManWeeD on

    Mexican Dubstep´╗┐ Reggae! Hierba Santa – Listen Up, Hierba Santa – Criminal institution link in the description ­čÖé

  12. iHazzE1 on

    Maybe you should have tied down the plant you hear about that´╗┐ while you were researching ?

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