SOUR D day 30 all is well.


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SOUR D day 30 all is well.Fox Farm Full Line up. I add Silica and a cal / mag product. Im using Sunshine mix #4 for the Sour D run. I do add lots of beneficial and Compost teas. I use Molasses as My carb add. I May run AN connoisseur nutrient. My friend gave me a gallon of A and B. Im Running at 3000 watts in the Flower Room. I add Different types of soil amendments. If I keep My eye on the prize I can build the Sublbc Money Maker Room soon. Im here to pay back a little to the Grow Green Youtube community. I have gained

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  1. MrMC175 on

    Your looking sharp man. Don’t be worried about showing the other plants. We all have ups and downs and seeing a solution to all these common problems we all have is super helpful. My goal is to one day just look at a plant and tell what it needs by its leaves, roots or what have you. The flowers looks awesome man. And keep up the good work

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