someone is caught growing marijuana, and it is their first offense?

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Marijuana Growing
josmo asked:

What will their sentencing be? I understand it is a 2nd degree felony, but if the person has no previous criminal record will the Judge be lenient?

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  1. John X on

    How much marijuana and what state?

    Different states have different laws but also if it was enough for just you, then probably not that big of a deal. If you had a few plants its most likely your going to jail.

  2. meonyahooanswers on

    Its not bad if you grow 1 plant
    but to get a 2nd degree felony I would be scared,
    a lenient judge would depend on the judge
    as a first offence most will be lenient
    some will hand out a harsh punishment then release you early
    just to scare the crap out of you, in reality you will still get around the same amount of time if found guilty.

    Felonies, depending on the state go, 1 the max, and 2 depending on the circumstances, leading to a lesser . Always go on line and look up your state statutes and what they say.

  3. doingthepanic on

    The judge will probably not be lenient. Manufacture of drugs is frowned upon.

    What your friend needs is a good lawyer. The lawyer is what decides the leniacy of the judge, not your friend’s character. Obviously it is in his character to grow weed – he needs good legal defense.

  4. nyskiermom on

    Depends on state and weight. In NY, a Felony Possession for starts at more than 8 ounces (half a pound) up to a Class C felony which is more than 10 pounds. That means your friend was growing enough quantity that the police believed it was for the intention of distribution. For a first offense, as long as everything else is good, your friend will likely be sentenced to 1/3 the maximum possible.

    This could be vastly different depending on the state where they were arrested. Add that to your question and you’ll get better answers.

  5. iMagiNathan on

    My brother was caught for cultivation of marijuana. His house got raided, after the cops had seen his 8 6-foot plants and hydroponic systems, they arrested him. They took my brothers daughter put her in foster care, he had to go to drug class class and counseling every week for about eight months.
    That was his first offense, The goverment hates marijuana not lenient one bit.

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