Sage Harvest.


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Sage Harvest.A quick video while harvesting one of my favourite strains. Also I take a quick look in the veg area and show you guys some of the plants in there. Along with the cuttings that will be the next crop. Thanks for watching.

14 comments on “Sage Harvest.

  1. HighlandBuds on

    Thanks for the comment. I might need to check that out. The tent works good, but could always use some extra drying and curing space.

  2. Toker Smoker on

    ok mate thanks for reply, i doing pritty much same with my next lot, just topped once and little tying down, take care pal

  3. Tempest threeseventeen on

    they look really nice, excellent yield. i really like the way you turned a tent on its side, you can get a really nice drying rack for like a tenner on greens horticulture it gives you a lot of space for dryingand never had a problem. cant wait to see that sage dried man looks like a hell of a nice smoke.

  4. HighlandBuds on

    Yeah dude, started topping them in veg. I started topping them pretty early so I could get a good few tops before starting to flower. Didn’t really do any training. Just had to tie a couple down that got a little big for the cabinet, other than that, I just let them do their thing. Thanks for the comment man.

  5. Toker Smoker on

    always enjoy ur vids, u grow some really good looking weed, done a great job, just wondered if u topped em in veg or any training, , also veg plants looks very indeed my friend, keep up the great work ,and hope u determine the unknown u have lol, peace m8

  6. Dorian Cadariu on

    man that’s simply beautyfull, I really hope they will legalize it here, instead of giving us tobbaco with rat poison and telling us it’s weed…Man if I had your stuff, I’d probabbly smoke some pot and sleep on a couch near it. Have a nice one buddy

  7. HighlandBuds on

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah Tempest threeseventeen got to it before me lol. You can get Sage from thseeds. They also do sage n’ sour but I’ve yet to try that strain.

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