Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW – The Harvest Part 1 of 2

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Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW - The Harvest Part 1 of 2CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO LEARN TO GROW CANNABIS WITH THE BEST GROW BOOK IN THE WORLD: Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible By Jorge Cervantes – With 512 full color pages and 1120 full color photographs/illustrations! ROYAL HAZE AUTOMATIC THE GROW is brought to you by Royal Queen Seeds Company – or if in Amsterdam visit High Quality Seedbank on Haarlemmerstraat and you can get them from me in person Thanks for watching! COMM

44 comments on “Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW – The Harvest Part 1 of 2

  1. joeymcelhone on

    The plants turned out great considering they were on a window ledge with no extra light. Yes the yield isn’t huge but I bet it’s satisfying smoking something you’ve grown yourself!

  2. deans19891 on

    not a bad harvest but very litlle buds on those plants,next time use a high yeilding strain like chocolope or big budda cheese

  3. xanos4225 on

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  4. xanos4225 on

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  5. andrewpyrah on

    theres a banner link at the top of my webite andrew DOT pyrah DOT net – if you want to help me out aswell

  6. mlgcodownage on

    yeah outdoor grows in oregon i hear are great and relatively easy so next summer ima grow outside and see how that goes

  7. DrAutoflower on

    @andrewpyrah if your gonna grow and take the risk, you would be wise to get a proper set up so you can actualy get a decent yeild. you could easily get 4x more for each plant and the ivestment u make will be paid back after 1st harvest

  8. SuperShano1 on

    Andrew I like the other videos u do but stay clear of the growing videos, even for a autoflowering variety it’s poor!! Get a proper light over those babies next time…

  9. therealrockondean on

    @iicHRoniKzZii LMFAO i dont spell it often !!!

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  10. iicHRoniKzZii on

    @therealrockondean loser? lol … you made the effort to upload a video about gerri halliwell cos shes single again xD so check yourself before you wreck youself mate 😉

  11. andrewpyrah on

    Bubblegum normally smells quite sweet, but that won’t start until flowering.

  12. rolltidematt92 on

    @ralph3nuis i was thinking another 6 to maybe even 10 weeks, they look really small in my opinion, good stuff tho looks like

  13. therealrockondean on



  14. UnderCoverGrower on

    Ive got a bubblegum on the go now. 3 wks into veg. In ur vid u didnt actually say wot it taste like!? Is the bubble gum aroma or taste noticable?


    I guess bout 10 gram total dry weight, but for a windowsill in the dam that at best probly only gets low light levels,,,thats not bad and a half decent amount of crystals too,peace n pot dude,Mike in Lincs.

  16. MigelMeUp on

    I want to grow sooo bad. Is it illegal to ship in seeds in Australia? Because I’ve always wondered iff the seeds themselves are illegal… :O Not that I’d ever use them for planting, god forbid. PRAISE THE LORD!

  17. iicHRoniKzZii on

    @therealrockondean lol, I think ive never met or seen anybody that thick in their head that they spell heroin wrong xDD You sure youre not heatin up your spoon as we speak? Enjoy haha

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