Redneck DWC Cutting Root Bubbler For Marijuana


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Redneck DWC Cutting Root Bubbler For MarijuanaSee My Medical Marijuana Strain Portfolio: Redneck Homemade DWC Root Bubbler for Better Marijuana Cutting Success. Using a garbage can, a plastic sign and a tupperware lid, I create a homemade Deep Water Hydroculture rooting tray for my medical marijuana cuttings. The only cost was the air pump and hose – everything else was constructed from materials around the home. growing weed at home. home grow opp how to. growing marijuana. how to root marijuana cuttings. does deep water hydro

2 comments on “Redneck DWC Cutting Root Bubbler For Marijuana

  1. CptHwdy2013 on

    oh no man not cool that sucks about those clones and the mold
    your humidity may not build if its not sealed that great with the tupperware
    you may want to use plastic wrap like u said and prop it up somehow to make a dome
    excited to see how your cloner works!

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