Phoenix Medical Marijuana Collective Build-out. Big Thanks Gonzo Grow Hydroponic


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Phoenix Medical Marijuana Collective Build-out. Big Thanks Gonzo Grow HydroponicPhoenix Hydroponic Store. Big thanks to Gonzo Grow @ 10297 W. Van Buren Street Suite 8 Tolleson AZ 85353 MAP (623)780-GROW (4769)

19 comments on “Phoenix Medical Marijuana Collective Build-out. Big Thanks Gonzo Grow Hydroponic

  1. ArizonaBayGardens on

    Everything I have right now is TGA. I have some seeds form other great gardeners but nothing from DNA or Cali.

  2. HelpfulGrower on

    Somehow I got unsubscribed from a lot of people. I missed a lot of peoples videos

  3. ThePayton22 on

    @rmmy100 hey bro my bank did the same with attitude seed bank, u just need to let them know your doing an international transaction then it’ll go through 10 orders later still fine, or if your in the pnw tga seeds is in probably 75% of the professional cannabis clubs, hope that helped, glad your getting settled in abg gl on your next run

  4. ArizonaBayGardens on

    Wow. 5 thumbs down and flagged in the first 9 views. Kids are out for the summer.

  5. eddy pharo on

    what kind of breaker you have?Normal breaker residential breaker whith add on 20 amps?

  6. bigdog10x on

    nice looking clones bro I wish I had somebody in my area that had healthy ones for donation nothing but shit genetics so glad to see somebody like you doin it right 🙂 KEEP PUFFIN DOL

  7. rmmy100 on

    luv to order some TGA. my bank wont deal with seed banks but need a TGA connection, get at me.

  8. TheGraham420 on

    Do you only use TGA seed have you tried. Cali connection or DNA Reserva Privada ,I’m trying to get the top genetics for my garden who do you recommend I’m from Ireland and don’t have a good gene pool,also where is mrfamerjohn channel gone

  9. ArizonaBayGardens on

    I aerate the water to help remove the CL & add O2 to the water. I also add other things to the rez and use the air stones to brew teas. Not a dumb question.

  10. FarmerJohnFourtwenty on

    hell yeah homie hooking up the new room!!!! cant wait to see you hook up arizona

  11. IntenseMedz on

    i know its probably a dumb ?, but how did you cut the holes in your sheetrock? 8″ hole drill bit? I would like to vent into my attic because its in socal and the attics vented at the top. I noticed you did the holes inthe closet, how does it look when its repaired? did you have to get into your attic at all?

  12. wright2433 on

    ok might be a dumb question but y do you have the resivor with air to it.if you water by hand, y not just mix and pour?

  13. the420ninja1 on

    how many rooms you gona have goin? cant wait to see this room finished,good luck with the new job bro.peace

  14. ArizonaBayGardens on

    2″ hole bit for the ballast cords. Jig saw for the 8″ hole. I save the cutout and reuse it too patch the hole when I’m done. It looks perfect when I’m done. Never had to go into the attic.

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