Medicating and showing my water pipes.


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Medicating and showing my water pipes.READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING. CLICK THE SHOW MORE TAB BELOW Please join me in this medicating session as I show you my pieces. Thanks and enjoy. Leave comments too please and tell what I need to change or do to make these videos less boring. I intend in getting the word of Marijuana out to the public in a good way. The medicinal way. I use Cannabis as a back and neck pain reliever in my situation. I have had back problems all of my life. I am 16 and a half in this video. I want to make the

2 comments on “Medicating and showing my water pipes.

  1. mmalover56 on

    You can sit in your rocking chair
    And just like a something to block the lighting and maybe get a lamp
    Another thing you should clean your bongs it just makes you look better
    Just message me if u want tips or somethin

  2. MarijuanaForGood on

    Thank you very much for your feedback and advice. I will do those things. Thanks man. I dont know why your comment was flagged as spam. It wasnt me thats for sure. I appeiciate it. Have a good day. Keep smoking

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