Medical Marijuana grow day 1 week 1


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Medical Marijuana grow day 1 week 1This is a completely legal grow, I do not condone growing without a medical marijuana card! (prop 215) In this video I planted 4 more pots, the middle pot has 6 seeds those were the remaining seeds that did not pop with a root in the germination process, I am hoping they will still take in soil though. The four outer white buckets have only 1 germinated seed in them. When these seedlings sprout be looking for another update video. Thanks for watching, Subscribe and Like for more grow updates!! M

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  1. Grow420Guide on

    @socalhippie420 The 4 white pots are og king louis XIII, og, bluebonic, and fire house og. The middle pot has 6 seeds and it was a mix of the seeds that didn’t germ that i hope take in the soil and they are purple extreme, green crack, presidential og, and a couple more bluebonic. I have a germinating video with the seeds for this grow you should check it out.

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