Marijuana plant growing like a bush?

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Marijuana Growing
J K asked:

How can you make a marijuana plant grow out more like a bush instead of growing up and skinny like a tree?

3 comments on “Marijuana plant growing like a bush?

  1. Niel J on

    Trim it at the top bud. That will promote the growth of lower branches. Sounds like an indoor electric setup to me. Good luck.

  2. To Breathe, To Feel, To Know Im Alive on

    yes, trim it at the top branch. you will have to keep doing this as new branches grow out you will have to trim them as well. every time you cut it two new ones will grow from the side. also, if you are growing from seed wait until its about 5-6 inches tall and plant it deep into the dirt so that just the leaves are barely sticking out. good luck my friend

  3. stoneytreehugger on

    If this is an indoor operation as another answerer surmised, I can only assume that you are growing with fluorescent lights. Trimming the tips will make it bush out, but it sounds to me that your plant isn’t getting enough light, or the light source is too far away.

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