Marijuana Legalization!?!


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Marijuana Legalization!?!The question, Should Marijuana be legalized?, was sent in by jajrboe34 last year and I had too track some random dude off the streets just so this question could be asked kinda live like!:-) Last year Michigan wasn’t allowing marijuana for the use medically, but today as I type this it is and I am approved to grow 12 plants and no longer have too roam the streets looking for my medication unsafe! Funny what a years makes! Glad I lived through such tuff times:-) Please check out Jons channel here

47 comments on “Marijuana Legalization!?!

  1. Damitarosie on

    Oh I just have to get a t-shirt like that LOL.. I dont care what you smoke I am just not going to smoke it with you LOL

  2. Whitelinefilms on

    I agree brother! However is 12 plants enough to last really? That don’t seem like it would last you annually.

  3. Johnny1969 on

    The real question one needs to ask, is “Why is it illegal in the first place”. Then if you do a little research and sift through the propaganda, you discover that, like everything else, it’s all about money. Certain corporations lobbied congress to outlaw the substance because they sought higher profits on their pulp and oil productions; and hemp stood in their way as a cheaper (and more efficient) means. Marijuana is still illegal today largely due to pharmaceutical companies……

  4. tommy2longview on

    is it wrong to wish for a condition that will allow me to grow 12 plants? i got the MI thing down but this whole medical use stuff does no good for me. oh well, one battle at a time…

  5. OneSillyTrucker on

    Well it will never be legalized, and thats a whole new can to open…..But, its kinda silly when you think about how much more dangerous alcohol is than ganj.

  6. Downedworker on

    Okay, I’m from the old school. Never used any street drugs, and really wasn’t around it much. Now, I have seen what it can do for an individual in pain. Between mj and the prescribed drugs, my choice is mj. The prescribed drugs have an adverse effect on ones mind, forgetfulness, etc. If mj is used as needed, one can function quite normally.

  7. ddrfrk on

    Of Course marijuana should be legal. God put it on the planet for us to use. Even the Bible says all seeds come from God

  8. naughtypuppetshow on

    The very notion that “man” can legislate divinely ordained horticulture is Preposterous and insulting to the one that created it, like every other HERB. 🙂 ConservaNazi paranoia and propaganda regarding Marijuana is more easily refuted, now that we ALL can get truthful info on this medicinal Herb, via medical websites. Plant Power! (woooot)

  9. Johnny1969 on

    ….cuz they don’t want people to medicate themselves. They want you to buy their crappy drugs to keep you sick so they can continue to collect the revenue.

  10. PuppyZwolle on

    Very cool T-shirt. At least as far as I can read.

    I’m happy it wasn’t the answer to this question. Did you know coffee was banned for the same reasons as MJ? Well not in the states. But in Turkey of all places.

  11. TheMightyInternet on

    Fuck Yeah Tammpon!
    you speak the truth in its scary concentrated form….LoL
    I wish it was Legal for everyone too, bro!
    WeLL keep fighting for Decriminalization, eventually they are either going to let us smoke, worry free, or KiLL us all off systematically….hopefully they go with option A.
    You the MAN Tammpon!!

  12. Brandon Hale on

    i look at it this way
    new hampshire just passed a law which will leaglize it, it is going to be the 14th state that will have this law..thats a large number right. now dont u see a patern? this number contiunes to grow lol we are doing this one small step at a time lol and i live in MICHIGAN when the fuck did we pass this law lol?

  13. TheBatchGuy on

    htf do they just give you that shit for not being hurt. I mean in cali they do but… Michigan, one of a new legalized states. That’s awesome, you’re such a player!

  14. Bill Brasky on

    Good vid Tammpon. And I’m with you in thinking that it should be legalized. I actually did a 10 page paper last semester about just that.

  15. Shartuna on

    “If the words ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.” ~ Terence McKenna

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  16. BRACK3N on

    Alcohol has caused more issues in society than Weed, it would be a strange day when they do relax the law on it!.
    : )
    like Amsterdam maybe?

  17. Menn019 on

    In the Netherland’s mariuhana, Wiet as we call it mainstream, is TOTALLY LEGAL to sell and buy a certain amount!!

    My town ain’t big, 40.000 peeps, and got 4 “coffeeshop’s”. Jelous??? 😉

  18. blackturtleshow on

    Hopefully marijuana will be legalized in the near future. It seems that the legalization of marijuana would most likely have a positive effect on hemp production, although it’s hard to say since even if legalized I’m sure that marijuana cultivation will be highly regulated and since hemp and marijuana are so closely related (same species) hemp cultivation will probably never be unregulated.

  19. Ira Robinson on

    indeed it should be legalized. There was no reason to make it illegal to begin with. Hemp has been used for thousands of years in every industry, and is one of the most versatile products ever granted to us by nature

    Not to mention the health benefits it grants. Look at yourself, using it for.. uhh MEDICAL REASONS lol 😉

    Yes.  It definitely should be legalized once again.

  20. seaweed2007 on

    Legalize. Decriminalize. You’d think, as greedy as our government is, that they’d make more from selling it than they do from these “naughty fines” they impose.

    But they won’t. As it stands, they can take the drug cartel’s money from sales, take their drugs, re-sell them for another profit and then sell guns to the cartels to protect themselves from more raids. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  21. kingpolaris on

    good question nice answer. i fit was legalised it wud create revenue for the government it cud be taxed

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