marijuana growing cultivation paradox?

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Marijuana Growing
knowledge void asked:

i have a couple of questions for any one who knows the facts.
1. how far(yards,ft,etc) does the marijuana growing site need to be from my house/backyard to consider me a booked case. get me arrested.
for example. i have a backyard thats to small, so ill plant it somewhere else outside the residence.
A. does the marijuana possesion right still cover me or not.
2. i dont trust the new strains people been coming up with. all the chemicals and bullshit and what not. its like putting mary jane on steroids. and it is, and i feel its fucking up the traditional marry jane. the marry jane of the future will kill people cuz of all the pump chemicals most growers batch on to it.
so my question is, besides african durban poison and aztec eldorado which all non crossed sativa, 100 percent nature made, does anyone know of any strains that are orgianl, meaning strains that have been around sense the egyptians and early 1800s?

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  1. Abdu Rahim on

    if the cops can document you caring for it, it doesn’t matter if you grow it on the moon. and if there is any question about whose it might be, they’ll set up video cams to see who’s caring for it. btw, congrats on bringing heat on yourself by asking the question in a forum like this where they can trace your ip address, and they will, even if you are spoofing, masking, or using an anonymous host… keep in mind, the cops have FAR more money for computers and technology than we do.

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