Marijuana Grow Update Dinafem Seeds OG Kush


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Marijuana Grow Update Dinafem Seeds OG KushOG Kush is looking fantastic in this marijuana grow update. The marijuana seeds are from Dinafem Seeds and have proven to be really awesome. See more on my w…

19 comments on “Marijuana Grow Update Dinafem Seeds OG Kush

  1. dan420kush on

    I have a dinafem OG seed freebee , thanks for the update . Looks great but like you said not a great producer .

  2. Matt Mernagh on

    sometimes the seeds dont fatten up. i cold probably find a keeper like the Dinachem and Kush n Cheese.

  3. marryjane419 on

    some think OG = Original Gangsta o well in any case dude you grow some nice looking Meds…. Peace & Respect

  4. manoman642212 on

    Hey Matt long shot here ! Hoping u can look at my vids on this Exdous cheese I have 6 in 5 gl pots . you think it’s possible to yield a pound out this 2’x4x5′ tent w/ 600 hps ? Please help if possible.

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