Marijauna Grow – 8000 Watts

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Marijauna Grow - 8000 WattsIf anyone has questions about growing in any way feel free to ask me questions. Please subscribe… This is a legal “Medicinal Marijuana” growing room that is legal in the state in which i preside. I do not advise nor condone the use of illegal substances. Be sure to have a legal prescription from your doctor.

7 comments on “Marijauna Grow – 8000 Watts

  1. CyferBitz on

    Its actually not as bad as you would think. The way i see it is i am just paying a little extra to do something that i love to do. Dont get me wrong, its for sure higher than your average home, but not as bad as i thought it would be. In a years time, my monthly average is about $220-$250.

  2. CyferBitz on

    Its a scar form when i was 11. I sat down in front of a insane dog that felt like biting the shit out of me.

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