LSP#33 ‘Cali Jane is Stressed Out’


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LSP#33 'Cali Jane is Stressed Out'Day 33 and Cali Jane is stressed from the outdoor conditions & the transplant ­čÖü Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cann…

36 comments on “LSP#33 ‘Cali Jane is Stressed Out’

  1. sethmjesmer on

    My plant is doing the same I transplanted it 3 days ago and started the fox farm grow big on the same day. I thought it would have bounced´╗┐ back by now.

  2. EL VERGON on

    i think it stressed out b cuz when u planted it she was getting tossed around by the wind and also´╗┐ maybe be cuz she wasnt used to being outside idk

  3. jevon escalante on

    I like this channel a lot and is this the only baby you growing´╗┐ from the bag of seeds ?

  4. TheAmericanOne on

    Well, at this point you´╗┐ should leave her in direct sunlight for one hour, an shade the rest of the day, and increase th direct sunlight by an hour each day for a week, after that she’ll be ready for all day sun all the time.

  5. mathewsisler on

    G420g dont pull the cotylendons´╗┐ off! They hold natural nutes in them let them gradually fall off or wait till almost completely shriveled…just a friendly suggestion lol

  6. GREENMANE1 on

    love the videos G420G! Cali Jane will bounce back! :)´╗┐ check out my girls same age as yours!

  7. mary jane on

    if u want u can stake her up with bamboo then she will be more stable for the first week ­čÖé

  8. mary jane on

    she is fine man minimal stress is´╗┐ fine wait 2 days she will be perky as fuck ! yay !

  9. canaconnoisseur on

    Ya I say slowly get her used to´╗┐ the sun as well no need to rush things you have a long season ahead of you keep it going good growing good karma

  10. DrMedKush on

    those leaves wont yellow unless you under feed ? i leave those leaves till budding than trim bottom little popcorn nugs´╗┐ so the plant will focus on higher buds.

  11. Trendyasfuck420 on

    It’s okay man she will perk back up:) she´╗┐ is gonna be so happy once she adjusts to her climate change

  12. WhyClover on

    if you would have posted the links in the description of your social media pages i honestly would have followed you on every one, just lazy. If you put the links to them in your description you will get more people to follow you I think because some people don’t´╗┐ want to search for some reason ahaha, peace dude i love watching this plant grow, since day 1 man. have a good one

  13. crookyist on

    Did u put here straight´╗┐ into full sun? It needed to be harden off in the shade for a few days first peace

  14. FaTxNiNja on

    stem is looking thicker already ­čÖé i hope she perks back up soon she needs to be topped!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  15. 69ND on

    Man, can you give me some advice, I´╗┐ live in Lithuania and there are a lot of winds and rains at night, but its quiet warm at day, is it good to leave her outside?thx ­čÖé

  16. TheAmericanOne on

    Ooops… Put in direct sunlight for only the first day and increase it everyday a little, like 15 minutes, then in the shade for a couple hours then 15 minutes again. The next day do a half an hour direct for every couple hours of shade…. Until she adjusts to the Sun.´╗┐

  17. TheAmericanOne on

    You have to harden her off slowly into the sun light! If you were to lay out naked in´╗┐ the sun after being exposed to only fluorescents you would get 2nd degree burns! Put her in direct sunlight for 15

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