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LEGALIZE MARIJUANA? PROMO PENCILCASEShould we legalize marijuana in this video i explain how marijuana can be beneficial to the human race. Nosensefornonsense welcomes you to the most nosensical place on Youtube. Debates is what this channel is built on. Nosensefornonsense provides a platform where people can debate about many different subjects no matter how nonsensical they are. This channel represents the sharing of ideas where many different people from around the world can comment about their views and thoughts on a specific


  1. Jack Durrant on

    I think both cigarettes and marijuana should be legal, but highly taxed. That would give people the freedom they deserve of having those drugs in their possession and using them, but at the same time, discouraging people from going crazy with them.
    In case you’re wondering, I live in the UK, where marijuana is illegal. I have never done drugs and I don’t plan to. I just think they should be controlled, not banned.

  2. Aaron Wheeler on

    The world would be a better place if marijuana was legalised, i dont smoke it but i like the smell of it when people smoke it lol

  3. Alex Badila on

    Yeah, but at least it’s legal to buy and sell in certain amounts. Here in Canada it’s strictly off limits to do that. Although I do believe we have the same rules when it comes to possession.

  4. DaMasterSarge on

    I think either it should be legalized, or smoking in general should be made illegal.
    But either way, Marijuana is like Moonshine. It’s illegal because it’s very, very hard to tax.

  5. Nosensefornonsense on

    yeah doesnt make sense really. Cigarettes are more lethal than marijuana but cigarettes aren’t illegal. I guess tax would be the best explanation in a way

  6. mastercrowly on

    Alcohol is ridiculously more dangerous than cannabis. Liver damage, brain damage, addiction, loss of control. Alcohol causes domestic violence, countless car accidents, fights, pregnancies, and is literally poison because you aren’t supposed to consumed fermented yeast.

    Cannabis does NOT have the ABILITY to kill brain cells, cause diseases (in fact it is the closest cure to cancer that exists) you remain in conscious control of yourself. You might spill your bowl of chips while watching TV tho.

  7. ultragaming1993 on

    I like your videos, really. But youtube is fuck’d up i can’t get and se what i used to see before. And i’m also too lazy and busy to search for all this settings and things..

  8. Nosensefornonsense on

    I feel your pain. I just copied the shortcut to the subscription upload page to my google chrome bar on top to avoid this problem.

  9. music87wch on

    I have friends in a band called Gypside. Please look them up on facebook and promote them 🙂 they are very talented.

  10. Nosensefornonsense on

    true, but wouldnt it be easier for you if it was legal? instaed of going through the shady alley being ultra paranoid and getting your green from the dealer (exagerated example ^^).

  11. Alex Badila on

    I don’t like weed. It’s not as bad as cigs, I know, but it still does horrible shit to your lungs. I’d prefer they just illegalize cigarettes, but as for marijuana, I really don’t care one way or another. I don’t smoke it, so it won’t affect me either way. Plus, I live in Canada, where it’s technically legal: we have places where you can buy stuff to smoke it and places where people go to smoke it. Weed itself is illegal to buy, but not to smoke. Don’t ask me how that makes sense.

  12. thatmaninblack on

    I’m against drugs, but banning marijuana is just stupid. It’s like the alcohol ban back in the 20s. It just makes criminal groups stronger and more dangerous. They don’t even get arrested, but instead of them, the smoker kids getting arrested. I think those kids are stupid, but they don’t deserve jail for this kind of stupidity.

  13. sirBrouwer on

    its more ore les the same in Holland ther the rules are as folowd.

    the selling of cannabis is “illegal, but not punishable
    if it’s not more than 5 gram of weed or 5 plants for own use. (if purchased from an authorized coffeeshop)

    as a coffeeshop is allowed to buy and sell cannabis within the legally tolerated limits, but its suppliers are not allowed to grow or import it, or to sell it to the coffeeshop: “The front door is open, but the backdoor is illegal

    it’s crazy but true.

  14. TheNecroSatan on

    Pfffft! considered a bad thing by the upper class? nah, they smoke it too, they just dont wanna admit it.

  15. bulletproof2353 on

    actually portugal legalized ALL drugs, and ALL drugs should be legalized , NO prohibition works

  16. OnkelTomAngelripper1 on

    Eh the only problem is were ever illegal weed is, then mass marketed by there country, what about those that grow it for themselves, ppl will still grow it “illegally”

  17. Mephisto28890 on

    Common law is akward. Here in Germany it’s not allowed to drive your car if you smoked weed 3-4 weeks ago – but alcohol is legalized and sold everywhere. Most crimes and accidents have to do with alcohol, but nearly none with weed. The christian politicans say that weed is a drug and must stay forbidden. Imo, weed should be legalized, but before doing that, the society has to be restructured, as you said. Weed can also be used as medicine against parkinson disease and psychical stress problems.

  18. nightwishfreak1998 on

    placed like that I think that marijuana should actually be legalized but should have laws on it just like alcohol, like don’t drive whole stoned, and put an age limit on marijuana such as 18. if that were to happen then that could only be beneficial to the economy and all those points you mentioned aswell

  19. mastercrowly on

    All drugs? So caffeine and medicines (which are all more destructive than cannabis because of addiction and following problems dealing with physical and mental factors) should be illegal too? Cannabis is the LEAST destructive of any drug that exists. People die of aspirin, advil, all kinds of prescription drugs. No one has ever died of cannabis. So if cannabis is illegal. They definitely should ALL be illegal.

  20. TheBoomTube on

    way to say the same thing that every other person who believes pro-legalization is the way to go. the fact is that marijuana use goes *down* when it is legalized, or close to it. the percentage of people who have tried it in the netherlands vs Canada can be used for an example.

    you say that heroin and meth should be stopped, but you dont say how. making things illegal is a horrible idea, just look at the drinking prohibition.

  21. Nosensefornonsense on

    Something like in Amsterdam. There it’s under the control of the government so it is regulated. It also depends on the country and their mentality.

  22. WIZARDcOn on

    the only reason weed is illeagle in USA is because some guy ran a campaign to stop producing HEMP as a substitute for paper because his company was based on cutting down trees and selling the trees to a paper manufacturer.FTW!!!

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