legal question about growing marijuana?

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Marijuana Growing
Dude Dude asked:

okay, so i have a medical marijuana license that allows me to smoke/grow/possess marijuana legally and i was wondering what the easiest way to grow/harvest my legal marijuana is…

any help would be appreciated… serious answers only please
i will not have indoor growing or harvesting so only tips for outdoor grow/harvest

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  1. Exec Pot Head on

    No license, it is a registration card.
    State law is the first stop. Not knowing the State – the link takes to where a patient can read up on the law. Study up on your civil rights because medical marijuana does not make it legal. Search the Internet for a Marijuana grow bible. There are several free downloads. Search ‘starting my medical marijuana grow’ and as you search other questions that you will have find a forum that you like and the members will help you from there. There are local support groups like a chapter of and patient / caregiver groups helping each other out. Good Luck!

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