I’m doing a research paper on marijuana growing?

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Marijuana Growing
DmW asked:

And my question is should 2 fans be on 1 exhaust and 1 to put in fresh air be on at all times? even during sleep? also can a twirly florescent light work to grow 2 plants? thanks alot.

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  1. goldwing on

    Sonmehow, I do not believe you are doing any kind of research paper! Rolling paper is not the same as research paper!

    No, a twirly florescent bulb is not enough light to grow any kind of plant. Grass requires light equivalent to full sun!

  2. Shawn on

    Actaully Cfls are a very excellents source of light for Mj. There is a couple different kinds. For the vegetative growth you are going to want a cool bulb it usually runs at 6500k which is a very white light and for the flowering you are going to want a warm bulb and they usually run a 2300k which is more of a yellowish orange light. Warm bulbs are the ones that they usually sell for cfls. You are just gonna need quite a few bulbs. The cool bulb is like a metal halide and the warm bulb is like a high pressure sodium, which is what the professionals use. As far as the fan setup you are correct, one for intake and one for exhaust, try to use fresh air for the intake it gives better amounts of carbon dioxide which Mj plants love. Whether to leave them on at all times depends on the temps if the temp drops to low during lights off (below 65F) then you will want to turn the fans off. I could go on for hours so instead of doing that the best suggestion I will give you is to go to your local book store and look for mairjuana horticulture by jorge cervantes or marijuana grow bible by greg green, read both those books two or three times over and you will be an expert, well at least be able to write your report (ha ha ha) like an expert.

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