how long do you go to jail for growing marijuana?

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Marijuana Growing

my friend has been caught growing weed in his attic.i havent spokem with him in 2 weeks. he is in custody of the police. i heard that he was gettin a trial next week. he is only 15. this is his 1st offense. how long do you think he is going in for? and he had 12 plants
he also sold it

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  1. 1 eye dog on

    Some places they say that the time in jail will be long
    Enough that when a person gets out
    The automobile will be obsolete
    In other countries it is how ya make money
    Then in some it is looked upon as a no no and that’s bout as far as it goes
    Now in America that is a different story they send a person to a place that they lock em up
    Give em a gym to work out in
    3 meals prepared by a licensed cook
    And get free medical care
    And free college education
    And America wonders why their prisons are getting over filled
    Man talk about a stupid government

  2. bella. on

    He won’t go to jail, he’s a minor lol. Even if he was 18 I highly doubt he would go to jail. I was watching Police Women of Boward County the other day & they found this guy who had basically a weed factory in his house. He was a normal, hard working guy, mid-30’s, & had a wife & 2 kids. He wasn’t selling it, he said he was just addicted to it because he had been smoking it for so long, & that he didn’t want to buy it from drug dealers so he grew his own. They took all of his weed & I can’t remember exactly what happened to him but he didn’t go to jail. I think he just had to pay a fine & got a warning not to grow it anymore.

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