how can i grow marijuana in my new aerogrow using clippings?

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Marijuana Growing
Kaci asked:

i just got a new aerogarden and i still have the herb seed kits it came with but i want to grow marijuana using clippings there is plenty of information on growing using seeds but barely any for using clippings do i need to buy a rooting hormone? what can i use for the roots to grab onto? please help.

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  1. Dorian V on

    I do not grow pot, but i have read a few books on it. Go to and search marijuana horticulture. The first few to come up are Greg Green’s book.

    It covers a lot, so check it out

  2. CS on

    The aerogarden is a very small hydroponic growing system. Cannabis is a very large plant. Dip & Grow is a good rooting hormone for cuttings or clones. In a hydroponic system the roots are suspended in aerated, nutrient rich water. They don’t “hold onto” anything. In order to keep your plant within the bounds of the aerogarden, you’re going to have to flip the lights to 12/12 when the plant is still quite small, about 6 inches. You might get a few grams of bud. Is it worth it? In my opinion, only as a novelty, not for serious growing.
    Some references to hydroponics & cloning:

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