Harvesting Kush n Cheese


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Harvesting Kush n CheeseJust pulled Kush n Cheese out of the marijuana flowering room for its final few days. I like to keep my plants in 3 days of darkness before harvesting. See m…

25 comments on “Harvesting Kush n Cheese

  1. zacnixzn on

    @Matt Mernagh what do you think this masterpiece will weigh M&M  awesome color z@€π°× ™

  2. rokertje on

    man i need to get some seeds or clones of this stuff id love to try this
    where they hard to grow ? heavy nute user low nute user etc etc?
    great looking rocks on that plant though matt
    greetings duthc

  3. cannagorilla on

    Very nice.  I love DinaFem. I have done there critical+ DinaChem”the best”, Cheese and there Diesel. I love that you document all there strains. Please keep up the great work brother. God bless you bro.

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