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  1. chrisregpick on

    Nay. I love you, but at times I want to kick your ass. lol I hate guns, but I love life, We must find a peaceful way to resolve our problems. Universal gun control. This is a start. You know, if it were not for some idiots with guns, the law abiding people would not have to worry. Do you think idiots will go away? I dare say, GUN LOCKS and RESPONSIBILITY are part of the problem. For example your gun collection. This is how the thieves get the guns. Guys who put them in a glass cases

  2. chrisregpick on

    Reread the second. “Regulated malitia, right to bears arms may not be infringed upon.” Exactly what does the “Regulated malitia” mean? Where do we draw the line? How many times has the constitution been change. Look at women and alcohol. The sixties The army, the gun, violence, must stop. If we all said, let’s stop killing, I want to be free. We would be, our fear would disappear. TRUE FREEDOM. This is real religion man. REAL RELIGION. Constitutions need to be dynamic man. Slaves.

  3. TheRadboy84 on

    Watch the debate with peirce morgan and jesse ventura.The biggest problem with this isnt gun control at all really its people are snapping from being on perscription drugs and living in a souless materialistic sociaty, these shootings didnt used to happen in the years following ww2 and you had alot of ex millitary guys everywere. the constant info/consumerist media drives people nuts, then they put ya on pills that fuck with your brain, thats the problem, worlds moving unnaturaly fast.

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