Growing Tahoe OG Kush and DNA ReCon


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Growing Tahoe OG Kush and DNA ReConGrowing these fine medicinal marijuana strains in soil. DNA genetics ReCon and Tahoe OG kush, also growing a cutting of blueberry x trinity in here as well. stinky, sticky, kushy goodness with lots of close ups!

2 comments on “Growing Tahoe OG Kush and DNA ReCon

  1. gfhnk on

    Some of the Dankety Dankness we all know 541 to have is grown round hear. I love your recon, it smells amazing, and i love the high, mad love bra. Def wanta try some of that Tahoe OG!!!!! YES!!! lol Nice vid. i just know an ommp patient that gets meds from you, and boy oh…. thats some good good.

  2. MrFrostyBuds on

    Thanks! I put alot of time and energy into the production of these tasty morsels! They definitely came out great again the tahoe og Kush is good medicine very relaxing effect and big sugary buds!

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