Growing Medical Marijuana / Pruning “Suckers” for

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Growing Medical Marijuana / Pruning Taking a look at pruning the branches that are not needed and are using up energy the plants need for the upper portions of bud formations so that the weight is focused in the top “cola” buds rather t

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  1. Rukusmon on

    why do you grow the plants so tall and not so bushy? maybe i just didnt see it right i was focused on what you had to say and im asking b.c id really like to know im starting my first real grow i have a 400 watt MH and im nerves as hell ive never had a light like this and im working in a tight area but i have 3 nice short bushes of bag seed i wish i could get a hold of some real clones or seeds but for me its not as simple as ordering them

  2. BrennanAndrewWittig on

    If I do trimming at six weeks is that too far in? There’s a fare bit of unnecessary growth but the buds are exploding with growth right now and I don’t wanna interrupt that…

  3. MrJayChat on

    no I havn’t ever done that because it’s too much stress on the plant which can cause the plant to turn hermi and then if she does, you waste all that time and effort youknow? I can’t afford to take a chance in order to stay under the limit of plants I’m allowed to have

  4. greengrowsam on

    its great to cut the suckers away but what you want to do is make it a even canopy so it confuses the plant to not to which on is the top try it

  5. heatfilter on

    You’re telling the truth. Additionally, “Sucker” growth makes the entire plant excessively sweat, consumes much needed nutrients that the apex of every wanted growth node can use and those tricky to prune – underdeveloped secondary buds could be massed into the tops instead of the plant wasting it’s energy on secondary lateral branches. I think it’s tricked in the reverse way that topping in the manner that you’re not looking for short & bushy, you’re looking for larger, more potent colas.

  6. MrJayChat on

    at 6 weeks, I’d finish them out and use the fluffy stuff for making hash.. trimming should be done within first 2 weeks to make any major difference.

  7. TheJaymr69 on

    I agree with cutting the bottom branches at the start of flowering but heavy pruning during flowering will cause shock and could set your plants back 2wks and it is true that taking the big fan leaves to help light penetrate will reduce yield,don’t take it personal but I’m getting a q per branch when yours you said will turn into a few grams of good ganja,please try leaving one and no trimming fan leaves just the dead,if you want big single tops flower earlyer and pinch sides happy growing

  8. MrJayChat on

    I use to do SOG and and SCROG and what i found was that the canopy shades in the lower branches that didnt need to be pruned, and nothing but the tops would really preform they way I wanted. Also, these strains don’t grow as a canopy even if you train them. I started these at 18″ and they’re 51″ tall today. They’ll knot up on me, and even the lower buds with these varities will knot up too. The ww is a good strain to do SOG and canopy them out, but again, i use the bottem stf for hash w/ thos

  9. MrJayChat on

    The heigth was due to the strain of the plants.. They were started about 18″ and grew to to over 5 ft. It wasnt intentional. A 400 watt bulb will fit nice in a room 4’X4′ and you want to keep the light cooled with a fan blowing through the hood / reflector. Keep the light about 12-18″ from the top if the room stays less than 85 degrees. If it gets hotter than that, raise the light, and add in some home made co2 using yeast and sugar.. It’s easy and cheap..

  10. MrJayChat on

    also any seed will produce good quality if that seed is of a good strain. I have grown white widow and pure blueberry years ago from garbage seeds i got out of some reggies and never realized it until later when I ordered seed from attitude and got the exact same plant. lol

  11. Rukusmon on

    thats great man thanks so much for the bit of info it was very udeful im so happy im doing it right! yay me lol i should i have been studying this for year and the plants i have are smelling sooo good and sticky im just hopen the yield will increase soon

  12. joe chasse on

    I’m just wondering I’m moving to a different apartment how do I move my plants without them dieing??

  13. MrJayChat on

    and these things will produce me 4-5 ozs each, after a 18 day veg. i’m pretty happy with that you know. Have you tried under current? thats my next project, moving everything into undercurrent.

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