Growing Marijuana Without Nutrients


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Growing Marijuana Without NutrientsGrow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is in compliance with the compassionate use act of 1996, and California’s proposition 215. -YOUTUBE! SHHHHHHAAAA BAM! What up with you guys! Todays update is a quick bit on my little lady that has been an experiment, to see if you can grow cannabis without nutrients. This vide

4 comments on “Growing Marijuana Without Nutrients

  1. quinnjohn1 on

    “Never stop experimenting with Cannabis” …. Sooo true! messing around with genetics is great fun, not that easy to do right but hugely satisfying! Keep it high and stay green 🙂

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