Growing marijuana with T5 and HPS


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Growing marijuana with T5 and HPSMy Grow Room I have my OMMP card and so does my partner so we grow and carry other cards too..

17 comments on “Growing marijuana with T5 and HPS

  1. outsidethebox82 on

    @xbox360guy09 i do know.. It shows in your comments you left. Your Jealousness of my setup got the best of you.. Its okay. U dont wanna see a 27 year old “kid” making it? you just stay at home with mommy and daddy!

  2. seeking37 on

    @bertbaxter72 then prove it cunt, least this bloke backs up what he says with proof for all anyone knows your some little fat kid who once had a joint… fuckin hate shit talkers

  3. bertbaxter72 on

    If your legal you should really sort out your grow because it is utter trash!! 8 weeks to get that big?? mine are wider and taller after 4 weeks !! you also need to learn how to make a film !! just helping ..

  4. outsidethebox82 on

    @xbox360guy09 wow lame.. look whos talking? you aint doing shit but running your fingers.. while your doing nothing but sitting on a dick and spinning, i am making beats and growing weed and banging bad ass bitches.. Lame…

  5. outsidethebox82 on

    @Bassisbest55 the new vid i am uploading now will be better with EDITING LIKE MY OLD VIDS

  6. outsidethebox82 on

    @bertbaxter72 ohh that was just a show off vid till i got my shit together on my computer. I have another vid thats way better and edited. If you looked at my Youtube page you would see i have 9 videos posted. This is the only vid i just uploaded straight from the camera with no editing. Now on the growing. We are just learning. So.. We veged to long and we veged them 16hours when yours supposed to do 24. now that we have a hps bulb its bright.

  7. outsidethebox82 on

    anyone else got a problem with my video? cause shit stain xbox seems to think my video sucks. well maybe he should LOOK AT MY PAGE CAUSE THERES ANOTHER VERSION…

  8. oXbOxr00X on

    omfg u stupid… u show us our face! its more vlaue as a name! get ready fopr the bust!

  9. outsidethebox82 on

    @oXbOxr00X your dumb, I am fucking legal. haha , let them come.. Maybe you should READ THE VIDEO INFO BEFORE MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A TOTAL LAME.

  10. xbox360guy09 on

    @outsidethebox82 haha wow snob much if you think like that kid you truely are dumb get your mind right if you come at me like that id give shit bout your setup its decent nice plants but you are complete trash at making videos thats why im going off on you right now fucking tool

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