Growing Marijuana the Easy Way


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Growing Marijuana the Easy Way

4 comments on “Growing Marijuana the Easy Way

  1. stoner3778 on

    Looks great bro. love the over veged grows. ha ha. why the fuck not? And yes bro. anyone can do it. keep spreading the word. i’v inspired a few growers to start there own lil grows over this way now. Its awesome. They love it. 5OO bucks and they get a starter kitt with everything they need 2 start growing. anyways bro. keep doing what yu do my friend. shit looks great.

  2. brothersofvalhall on

    Whaooo thats a sea of green bro always good to see your videos
    go green ceap medicating peace and love from norway


    have u tried supercropping or pinching the tops constantly? Enjoy your vids and your sense of humor

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