Growing marijuana outdoors in Alaska?

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Marijuana Growing

Are there any strains of marijuana that can grow and flourish outdoors in harsh climates such as Alaska? Imagine a summer in Alaska. Consistently low temperatures with the occasional freeze. Are there any strains that come to mind that can handle this type of abuse; yet still be a pleasant experience to the user? This is for botany research so by answering this question you are not condoning any unlawful activities. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Spartan on

    The only one that might is Cannabis ruderalis but i know very little about this strain except it grows wild in Russia, Poland and other eastern european countries, whether or not it can survive the harsh environments like Alaska i don’t know and i would doubt it could and besides this strain contains very little thc so its no good for medicinal users and only used by some breeders who like certain characteristics of the strain. Sativas are out as they are from the equatorial regions, Columbia, Mexico, Thailand etc and like the hot weather whilst Indicas originate from mountainous regions of Nepal, North India etc. I think its far to harsh an environment for cannabis to grow outdoors in Alaska even though ruderalis can grow in harsh climates that would stunt or kill indica and sativa plants its just too much for them IMO.

  2. Exec Pot Head on

    Can’t grow tomatoes outdoors then MMJ needs to be grown indoors.
    Summers with a freeze do not bear fruit.

  3. Glacierwolf on

    I live in Alaska.

    Low temperatures? Summer freezing? You must be talking about another Alaska on a different planet…… a quick visit to and you would have learned it gets to 105F in the shade in most parts of Alaska June to August!

    Where do you think those 300lb cabages, 450+ pound pumpkins and 190lb Kolrobi, and 18lbs tomoatoes come at the big Anchorage, Palmer, Fairbanks and Hanes Fairs in Alaska??? Duh?

    I can assure you – pot grows totally fine and dandy outdoors in Alaska’s spring and summer months when the state is enjoying 24/7 sunshine from May to August. All plants that love hot desert like heat – especially roses – flourish in an Alaskan summer where 11am to 4pm it’s 100F-108F in the hot sun.

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